Prophecies in Parsi Scriptures

Zartushtra, or Zoroaster, is acknowledged as the Founder of the Zoroastrian religion, commonly known as Parsi-ism. There are two sets of Parsi scriptures: Zend Avesta and Dasatir

I am copying some prophecies from A.H. Vidyarthi's book, Muhammad in Parsi, Hindu and Buddhist Scriptures:

Zend Avesta

God addressed Zoroaster in the following terms: The most powerful among the companions of the Muslims, O Zaratushtra, are those of the men of the primitive law, or those of the Soeshyant (not yet born) who are to restore the world.” (Farvardin Yasht, XIII:17).


It is a collection of 15 epistles of which the epistle of Sasan I records a prophecy about the Holy Prophet of Islam in very clear words. This edition of Dasatir was published by Mulla Pheroze with the help of several other learned Zoroastrian priests at the time of Nasiru'd-Din Shah Qachar of Persia. The original text is in Pahlawi language; but every sentence is followed by its Persian translation which was obviously done by Mulla Pheroze and his team of priests.

The sum and substance of the prophecy is that the Zoroastrian people will forsake their religion and will become dissolute:

“When they will commit such deeds, a man will appear from the Arabs before whose followers crown, throne, kingdom and religion shall be overthrown, and arrogant people will be subjugated. Instead of the house of idols and the temple of fire, they will look at the House of worship of Abraham without any idols in it and will make it their Qibla.

“And they will be a mercy for the worlds. And then they will capture the places of the temples of fire, and subjugate Madain, Tus, Balkh, the sacred places of the Zoroastrians and the neighbouring territories. Their prophet will be an eloquent man, and his message will be well-connected.”