My sincere thanks to my family members…

My dear friends Ali Husain Hyderi, Sohel Hussain Merchant, Ali Abbas Panjetani and others whom I have not mentioned but who are in my heart and always remain, deserve my sincere gratitude for their constant support and encouragement. My sincere thanks to Sayyed Muhammed Hadi for hadiths and their references throughout the book. I also thank the publishers for their trust and support.

And of course, I am greatly indebted to the compilers of the Bible, who have taken care to include the Prophesies throughout the centuries. And also, the Biblical scholars and commentators who have sincerely and faithfully interpreted the Prophesies that we have studied here.

My proofreaders and editors,

1. Who did not wish to be named,

2. Mr. Sohel Hussain Merchant.