Chapter 6: Prophecy 6

Ali: Our next prophecy is from the book of Isaiah Chapter 42:17

“They shall be turned back, they shall be greatly ashamed, that trust in graven images, they say to the molten images, ‘Ye are our gods.”1

Who is the Prophet of God who turned a large number of people away from idolatry and pagan worship and taught them to worship the creator of the universes? Who is the Prophet who shattered the hopes and authority of the idol worshippers?

The mighty Prophet of God who did this is none other than The Holy Prophet of Islam (s.a.w.a.)….because at the beginning of the mission of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) he faced immense opposition from the idol worshippers of Mecca who tried all that they could to stop him from his noble mission.

Ultimately after years of hardship, struggle and danger that forced him to migrate from Mecca to Medina, it was Islam that prevailed and when the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) came back to Mecca after 10 years, the following verse was revealed to him:

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful

When comes the Help of Allah, and Victory,

And you see men entering the religion of Allah in companies,

Then celebrate the praise of your Lord, and ask His forgiveness; surely He is oft-returning (to mercy).2

John: But, dear brother all these prophecies that you mentioned are from the Old Testament and not the New Testament….Old Testament was for the people before Jesus Christ and not for the followers of Jesus Christ….

Ali: My dear brother, when you want to prove the coming of Jesus Christ the Messiah (a.s.) you require the Old Testament and when we prove that Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w.a.) is mentioned in it, you say “it is in the Old Testament and not the New Testament,” as though it is not a part of the Bible. Nevertheless, if you want I will discuss prophecies about Holy Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w.a.) from the New Testament also.

  • 1. Isaiah 42 Verse 17
  • 2. Sura An-Nasr (Chapter 110)