All Prophets and all scriptures are sent from God Almighty, who wanted to guide humanity towards Himself, these scriptures contained rules, regulations and a way of life for human beings and all of these scriptures spoke about the forthcoming Prophets. But unfortunately, these Prophets and their scriptures were a direct threat to the power hungry and the greedy elite of every society. After the Prophets passed away their teachings were interpolated, changed and twisted to serve selfish ends. Therefore you will see that Islam never criticizes other faiths and religions but respects every religion equally because many of the so-called gods and sons of gods are actually Prophets of God whose messages and teachings were twisted and turned after they had gone.

Dear readers if you wish to undertake a study of Islam, do study the event of Sakifa and Karbala very carefully because these were two important events that shaped the history of Islam and Muslims.

The event of Karbala is guidance to the one who seeks to understand Islam and its true message.

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I hope and pray that God and his chosen ones continue to bless us with success and keep us on the straight path.

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