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The Prophet’s Attitude towards Children and Youth

A text on Prophet Muhammad’s (S) attitude towards children and youth. The book is divided into two distinct parts, dealing with the Prophet’s attitude towards children and towards youth separately. The subject is presented using sayings from the Infallibles, historical accounts and the occasional findings from scientific research.

Miscellaneous information: 
The Prophet’s Attitude towards Children and Youth Author: Muhammad ‘Ali Chenarani Translator: Mahdi Azadi Project supervisor: Translation Unit, Cultural Affairs Department / The Ahl al-Bayt (‘a) World Assembly (ABWA) Editor: Hazel Haneef Publisher: ABWA Publishing and Printing Center First Printing: 2012 Printed by: E. Press Copies: 5,000 © Ahl al-Bayt (‘a) World Assembly (ABWA) ISBN: 978-964-529-390-9 All rights reserved نام كتاب: رفتار پیامبر با کودکان و نوجوانان نويسنده: محمد علی چنارانی مترجم: مهدی آزادی زبان ترجمه: انگليسى