Translators´ Foreword

We thank God the Almighty for the opportunity granted to us to undertake the preparation of A Divine Perspective On Rights after the successful completion of The Complete Edition Of The Treatise On Rights by the fourth religious leader in the line of the Prophet of God , Ali ibn al-Husayn known as Imam Sajjad for his extended prostrations to God. A Divine Perspective On Rights that is authored by Mr. Ghodratullah Mashyekhi is a commentary on Imam Sajjad’s “The Treatise On Rights.”

We translated this commentary into English for the interested readers. Regarding the references to verses of the Holy Qur’an, we have exactly cited for coherency using an available translation of the Qur’an into English by Mr. Abdullah Yusuf Ali (May God Reward Him). The Translation of the Holy Qur’an that we used is the following:

1 The Holy Qur’an

2 Text, Translation, Commentary and Notes Large Size (1 Volume)

3 Abdullah Yusuf Ali (English & Arabic).

We have rewritten parts of the book to make it up-to-date. To include the state of the art knowledge we have added many footnotes, references to and verses from the Bible where appropriate.

We are partly indebted to our son Mehdi Peiravi for his assistance in the typing and layout of the book, our daughter Maryam Peiravi for her assistance in the translation of The Treatise on Rights from Arabic, and her sister Talat June Peiravi for her poetic contribution to this book. We are also indebted to the Ansarian Publications for supporting this work and completing the typesetting of the book, their staff and their respectable translators who have spent time to read the initial manuscript and made many useful suggestions to enrich the work.

May God grant them their reward. We warmly welcome any suggestions made by the readers that might help us learn about our mistakes and shortcomings, and help us improve our future works.

Dr. Ali Peiravi
Ms. Lisa Zaynab Morgan