Whenever a book arrives on the shelves, one wonders why it was written, what it contains, and whether it will be worthwhile reading it. I’ll make it easy for you.

This book is a selected translation of the Urdu version of the Persian compilation, ‘Daastaan e Raastaan’ by Martyr Murtadha Mutahhari, who included only those incidents of the Ahl al Bayt (s) that he obtained from reliable sources, which he cited in the bibliography. For me, his name is enough for credibility.

The generations of Muslims, whose first language is English, remain unaware of so many valuable truths available in the oriental languages. Their need initiated the translations of religious material, beginning with the Holy Quran, itself. Knowing how to read Arabic without understanding it, makes it worthless. The Book brought a Divine Message to ease man’s life on this earth and make it a place worth living. Unfortunately, after the demise of the Holy Prophet (s) the Muslims reverted back to the customs and beliefs of the Age of Ignorance, with only lip service to Islam. Only the chosen ones, though, who Satan admitted he could not lead astray, remained steadfast.

As time passed, other people read the Quran, guided by the steadfast, and benefited from the wisdom it contained. They took precedence over the Muslims in practically applying it to their systems - political, social, economic, and judicial. They then moved from success to success and there was no looking back. Today, they rule the world and their language is the language of power.

The Muslims, on the other hand, moved from disgrace to disgrace and finally touched rock-bottom. Today, they reap only what they sow, because

• We profess Islam but do not practice it.

• We read the Quran but do not understand it.

• We are content with our ignorance and do nothing about it.

• We follow the powerful; adopt their culture, customs and way of life; find ourselves equally successful; find religion unnecessary, so, wish to discard the already flimsy attachment.

• Like the powerful, we forget the one important truth about life. Life doesn’t end in the dust, for this universe was not created without purpose. The immense organizational perfection of every one of the millions of systems existing in it suffices as proof of a destination. The powerful while powerful, forget that they must face that destination.

This book was written to share a vision of greatness, presented by those who did not transgress because they feared that destination, and despite trials and tribulations, opted for eternal life rather than eternal damnation. Their immortality is before you. Today, centuries later, they survive as symbols of nobility and perfection. Their power to influence is greater than that of one living amidst us.

The book contains some candid camera clips that need to be watched carefully, not casually. After each clip, a few minutes should be spent in asking yourself a few questions.

• Is there something new in it or something I already know?

• Is it practicable?

• Do I already practice it?

• Do I agree with it or disagree with it?

• If I agree, will I make it a part of my future conduct?

• If I disagree, is it because I am habituated to what it condemns?

• If I am a Muslim, must I possess these virtues?

• Do I profess love for these persons, yet cannot face them?

• Do I want to follow them?

• Do I want them to smile at me, or be filled with dismay?

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions for the first few clips, they will become automatic guidelines for the rest, and you will yourself admit that reading the book was worthwhile.

I end with the prayer that all of us demonstrate through our actions, not only our tongues, the Message we profess we possess.


Iffat Shah
18th Dhul Hijjah, 1429
Washington, DC
e-mail address: