The Prayer That Was Granted

"O God, Do not let me return to my family'." These were the words that Hind, the wife of Amr bin Jamuh, heard, from her husband when he left the house fully armed for participating in the battle of Uhud. It was his first time to fight along with the Muslims. He had not fought before as he was very lame, and according to the clear rule of the Qur'an Jihad (holy war against non-believers) is not incumbent upon those who are blind, lame or sick. Though he himself had not participated in Jihad but his four lion-hearted sons were always with the holy Prophet. Nobody had ever thought that Amr, in spite of his genuine excuse, and after sending four sons to Jihad, would want himself to be included among the soldiers of Islam.

When his relatives heard of his decision they came to persuade him to change his mind. They said "First of all, you are exempted from Jihad, by rule of "Shariat" (divine law). Secondly, you have four brave sons who are going with the Prophet. So, there is no need for you to go yourself."

He replied: "As my sons want to get eternal bliss and paradise, I too have the same desire. Will it not be strange if they go and achieve martyrdom while I sit in the house with you. No, it is not possible"

His relatives did not accept his views; and one after another came to him to persuade him. At last, he appealed to the Prophet:

"O Prophet of God! My relatives want to confine me in the house. They are not allowing me to participate in Jihad. By God it is my wish to go to paradise with this lame leg"

"O Amir! After all, you have a genuine excuse. God has exempted you. Jihad is not incumbent on you"

"O Prophet of God! I am aware of that. I know it is not incumbent upon me; even then........."

The Prophet said: "Do not forbid him from Jihad. Let him go. Since he has a desire for attaining martyrdom, God may bless him with it."

One of the most spectacular scenes of the battle-field of Uhud was the fighting of Amr bin Jamuh, who with his limping leg was attacking the centre of the enemy's army and was shouting, "I have the desire of paradise'." One of his sons was moving behind him. They fought gallantly till both were killed.

After the war ended, many Muslim women came out of Medina for getting correct news of the whole affair. They were anxious especially in view of the frightening news which had reached the city. Aysha, wife of the Prophet was one of them. When she came out of the city she saw Hind pulling the rein of a camel with three dead bodies on its back. Aysha asked:

"What is the news?"

"Thank God, the Prophet is safe. As he is safe, I have no worries. The other news is that God has made the non-believers suffer a reverse with sorrow."

"Whose corpses are these?"

"They are my brother, my son and my husband."

"Where are you taking them?"

"I am taking them to Medina for burial."

Saying this, Hind pulled the rein of the camel towards Medina. But the animal seemed unwilling to proceed and finally sat down. Aysha said:

"The load seems heavy; he can't carry it" "No. This camel of ours is very strong and usually carries the load of two camels. There must be some other reason."

Saying this she pulled the rein towards Medina; again the camel sat down. When she turned the camel towards Uhud, to her surprise the animal started walking quickly.

The situation was strange. She thought, "perhaps there is some mystery in it'." She then turned the animal towards Uhud and went straight to the Prophet:

"O Prophet of God! There is a strange story here. I placed these corpses to take them to Medina to bury them. When I pull the rein towards Medina, the animal refuses to obey me. But when I direct him to Uhud, he walks quickly."

"Did your husband say anything while coming to Uhud?"

"O Prophet of God! When he left the house,

I heard him saying: `O God, Do not let me return to my family."

"Then this is the reason. The sincere prayer of this martyr has been granted. God does not want this corpse to return. There are men among you, Helpers of the Prophet, who if they ask any-
thing from God, the Almighty God grants their wishes. Your husband was one of them."

On the advice of the Prophet, these men were buried in Uhud. Then, the Prophet turned to Hind and said:

"These men shall be together in that world" "O Prophet of God! Pray to Almighty to keep me also with them:"