Death of Yazīd b. Mu‘āwiyah

Not too long after the tragedy of Harrah, on 17th of Safar of the same year, that is, about 20 days later, Yazīd b. Mu'āwiyah gave up his ghost and died. Having remained on the throne for no more than three or four years1, Yazīd lay in his grave2 while he had perpetrated the most heinous crimes of the Islamic history. He had, as he frequently admitted, taken the revenge on Islam for all the defeats suffered by the pagans and hypocrites in the time of Prophet!

While Banī Hāshim had managed to gather the spiritual dignity and honor of the Prophetic mission to their credit, the Umayyids - the descendents of Abū Sufyān who were freed by the Prophet of God (s) -recorded violence, mutiny, bullying, and worldliness to their credit, and threw the yoke of slavery over the Muslims!

The death of the Syrian army commander after the tragedy of Harrah and the quick setting of the ominous star of Yazīd's life can be a true evidence of the Prophet's (s) words:
“The one who sets out toward Medina with an ominous intention and commits any evil to it, Allah will soon wipe him out.”3

  • 1. Historians have reported Yazīd's disgraceful caliphate variously: three years and seven month and twenty two days; three years and six months; three years and some days; four years and some days; and three years and nine months and twenty days. Ibn ‘Abd Rabbih al-‘Iqd al-Farīd, vol. 5, p. 124; Mas‘ūdī, Al-Tanbīh wa al-Ashrāf, p. 263; Imrānī, Al-Anbā’ fī al-Ta’rīkh, p. 9; Ibn Athīr, Al-Kāmil fī al-Ta’rīkh, vol. 4, p. 125; Ibn Taghrī Birdī, Al-Nujūm al-Zāhira, vol. 1, p. 163.
  • 2. The death of Yazīd b. Mu‘āwiyah took place in the lands of Himas in a quarter called Huwwārīn and his body was buried in the Bāb al-Saghīr graveyard, where for a long time it remained a garbage dump (Ibn ‘Abd Rabbih, al-‘Iqd al-Farīd, vol. 5, p. 120; ; Mas‘ūdī, Al-Tanbīh wa al-Ashrāf, p. 263).
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