The book al-Zahra al-Qudwah, excerpts of which had been translated to form this book, was compiled from numerous lectures and sermons which were listed in that book as follows:

1. Lecture at Usrat al-Te'akhi society, 9/10/1966.

2. Lecture, 16/12/1992.

3. Lecture entitled 'al-Zahra, a role model for man', the Law College 6/12/1993.

4. Lecture at the Islamic Institute, Beirut, the Women Hawzah (college), 10/6/1414H.

5. Lecture at the College of Medicine, Lebanese University, 24/11/1994.

6. Lecture entitled 'The role of Muslim woman in the contemporary challenges', birth anniversary of Lady Zaynab (as) and International Nurses Day, Bednayil, Beqa', 9/10/1994.

7. Lecture in the birth anniversary of al-Zahra (as), Husainiyyat al-Zahra (as), Sayyidah Zaynab district, Damascus, 19/11/1995.

8. Lecture, 7/10/1995.

9. Lecture, 28/10/1995.

10. Lecture entitled 'How do we live al-Zahra (as)', Damascus, 26/10/1996.

11. Friday sermon, Beirut, 4/10/1996.

12. Lecture entitled 'Al-Zahra Call: Be for Islam', al-Murtada Hawzah (college), Damascus, 13/9/1997.

13. Friday sermon entitled 'Al-Zahra, the patient when harmed and oppressed', al-Imamayn al-Hasanayn (as) Mosque, Beirut, 19/9/1997.

14. Interview with Dar al-Islam paper, London, issue 11, 1997.

15. Friday sermon entitled 'Al-Zahra, the most perfect example for Muslim women', Beirut, 24/10/1997.

16. Lecture entitled 'Fatimah al-Zahra (as), the sacred Islamic symbol for all Muslims', al-Murtada Hawzah (college), Damascus, 5/9/1998. (This lecture, along with the next six lectures, is about commentary on al-Zahra Sermon.)

17. Lecture entitled 'The secrets of Prophethood, Message and Qur'an', same as previous venue, 12/9/1998.

18. Lecture entitled 'The secrets/rationale and goals of Islamic jurisprudence', same as previous venue, 19/9/1998.

19. Lecture entitled 'Justice, the Imamah and other jurisprudence secrets', same as previous venue, 26/9/1998.

20. Lecture entitled 'Defending the right and truth', same as previous venue, 3/10/1998.

21. Lecture entitled 'The systematic approach to studying and understanding history', same as previous venue, 10/10/1998.

22. Lecture entitled 'Depending in dispute on the Qur'an first', same as previous venue, 17/10/1998.

23. Lecture entitled 'Al-Zahra infallibility', same as previous venue, 28/8/1999; printed in Qom under the title 'The Missionary Sorrow'.

There were also dozens of lectures for which we could not find dates; some of which were:

24. Lecture entitled 'Al-Zahra, the worshipper, responsible wife'.

25. Lecture entitled 'How should we live al-Zahra (as)'.

26. Lecture entitled 'Loving al-Zahra (as)'.

27. Lecture entitled 'Al-Zahra and defending the right'.

28. Lecture entitled 'Al-Zahra, the role model for women in Islam'.

29. Lecture entitled 'The role model, why'.

30. Lecture entitled 'The missionary role of women on the anniversary of Lady al-Zahra (as)'.

32. The book entitled Fi Rihab (in the courtyards) Ahlul Bayt (as), Dar al-Malak publishers, Beirut, 2nd edition, 1998.

34. Reply of his eminence to the queries forwarded to some of our religious authorities (maraji') in Holy Qom.