Translator's Preface

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

It is still too early to make a thorough study to be able to judge the Islamic Revolution of Iran for it requires a study of all of the aspects which were effective in its foundation, rise, development and victory.
The first point which attracts the attention of anyone who is going to study this unique Revolution is that its ideology is essentially based on the ideology of Islam and, in particular, that found in Shi'ism.
The principles of Shi'ite ideology as Imam Husayn ('a) (the third Shi'ite Imam who was martyred) says is that life is nothing other than faith (or idea, aqidah) and jihad (inner and outer spiritual and religious struggle).
Shi'ite ideology cannot be explained in a few words, but jihad which exists in Shi'ite ideology, is a battle which has martyrdom as one of its goals. Martyrdom, in this school of thought, means a purposeful, aware and willing selection.
A great deal has been said and written about martyr­dom over the ages, but no one has explained it, interpreted it and made its meaning so clear as Ali Shariati, whose thoughts, ideas, views, books, writings and lectures were some of the important factors in the foundation, rise development and victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.
We have endeavoured to present as accurate a trans­lation as is possible of Martyrdom: Arise and Bear Witness. We ask the reader to forgive us any transgressions which may appear and we welcome any suggestions for future printings.
A.A. Ghassemy