Rules Regarding Internal Examination of a Dead Body

Question 95: What ruling does the internal examination of a dead Muslim body have?

Answer: It is not permissible unless saving another Muslim’s life is dependant on it or the medical needs of an Islamic country would not be taken care of unless this operation is performed.

Question 96: The bodies of some unidentified people are used for learning anatomy and are sold for cheaper prices to different institutions. Is it permissible to perform internal examinations on these bodies?

Answer: If they are found in an Islamic country they are counted as Muslims and the ruling regarding this is mentioned in the previous question.

Question 97: Nowadays, some people make a will for there bodies to be given to medical institutions in order to help people learn medicine. Is this permissible for a Muslim?

Answer: There is no problem if it is done to fulfill the needs of Muslim doctors, especially if saving a respected life is dependent on it. Put if the needs of Muslims are fulfilled by the bodies of disbelievers, then this should be sufficed by them.

Question 98: Can a person’s representatives donate one’s body for organ transplants even if the person himself did not give permission for this?

Answer: If separating some of the parts of a dead body does not cause disrespect for the dead person there is no problem.

Question 99: Can a person’s representatives not donate one’s body who gave permission for his body to be used for organ transplants?

Answer: As a precaution one should not perform this action without permission unless in cases which where it is necessary.

Question 100: What ruling does performing an autopsy have in cases where a crime is suspected have?

Answer: If an obligatory action is dependant on this then there is no problem.

Question 101: Is it permissible to dig up one’s grave and perform an autopsy in order to save the live of the defendant of a murder, find the murderer, or any other action which is more important than the disrespect of digging up a Muslim’s grave?

Answer: If the obligatory action is more important than there is no problem.