Rules Regarding Abortion and Blood Money

Queston 106: What ruling does aborting a fetus that was conceived by rape and causes the mother great emotional pain have?

Answer: It is not permissible to abort.

Question 107: A doctor decided that one of his patients must abort her 4-month-old fetus. Is abortion permissible? If it is does one have to pay the blood money? If one has to pay the blood money, does the doctor or mother have to pay it?

Answer: Abortion is not permissible unless there is a fatal danger for the mother, and in any case there is blood money and the performer of abortion must pay it.

Question 108: Does a mother who intentionally aborted her 5-month-old fetus have to be physically punished?

Answer: She is not physically punished but there is blood money that has to be paid.

Question 109: How is blood money paid for twins who were aborted? Is it treated as one fetus or more than one?

Answer: By number, the blood money becomes more and more.

Question 110: A woman died from an unintentional accident and the fetus in her womb also died. Does the murderer have to pay blood money for both lives?

Answer: Yes, he must pay blood money for both of them.

Question 111: Is there any blood money for cremating a dead body?

Answer: It is not clear.

Question 112: Does cutting the body parts of a dead body necessitate blood money?

Answer: Yes, it does necessitate blood money.

Question 113: A doctor, because of population control, performed a vasectomy, does he have to pay blood money?

Answer: If the patient gave permission there is no blood money.