The powerful, dazzling, majestic sight,
Which befalls all day and night
As far as you can see is...
It standing with all power and might.
Enter the realm and LO!... BEHOLD!
There stands the power; dressed in black and gold,
Your tears would turn to laughs of joy
And on Islam, you would have a better hold.
All the creations revolving around,
Even the sun, the sky, the ground!
All eyes on the magnificient house,
To keep looking at it, you are bound.
No sight equal in the world there is,
Than looking at it and entering bliss!!
For seeing this sight you're bound to know,
That there is ALLAH, and Islam is this.
From this blissful experience I know
That from all the rivers of religions that flow...
Islam is truly the one that's pure,
In front of ALLAH, down I bow!

composed by: Suroor Fatima Rizvi (age 15 yrs)

Daughter of: Syed Ammar Yaser Rizvi