Faith in Allah

One day, the Holy Prophet of Islam and a few of his companions were going out somewhere. On the way they saw an old woman working at a spinning-wheel and heard her praising Allah for His bounties. The Holy Prophet went up to her, wished her and enquired about her health.

Then he said to her, “Your faith in the Almighty is commendable. Would you tell me what made you to believe in Allah?”

On hearing this, the woman stopped working at the spinning-wheel, thought for a while and then replied:

“O' Prophet of Allah! You see this spinning-wheel. As long as I don't move it, it can't spin. When it so happens with such an ordinary thing, how can it be possible that the mechanism of such a vast universe should work so punctually without a driving force. There must be a Great Being to run it - One who should be controlling every atom. That Great Being can be Allah only, who is the Creator and the Master of everything!”

The Holy Prophet was very pleased with the old woman's reply. Addressing his companions he said,

“Just see how this old lady has come to know about Allah in such a fine and simple way. Your faith in the Almighty Allah should also be firm like hers”.

A Muslim believes in the Oneness of Allah.


1. What did the Holy Prophet enquire from the old woman?

2. What reply did the old woman give to the Holy Prophet?

3. What did the Holy Prophet say to his companions?