Prophetic Mission of Prophet Muhammad (S)

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) spent the major portion of his life in his native town, Mecca. He always treated the people kindly and affectionately and never harmed anyone.

When he was about forty years old, he proclaimed himself, under Allah's command, to be the Prophet and Messenger of Allah. He advised the people to refrain from idol-worship and other evil deeds, and to worship only Allah, the Creator and Lord of the heavens and the earth. He also warned them of the Day of Judgement, when every one will have to account for his good and bad deeds in this world, and will be recompensed for them.

In those days, Arab tribes quarrelled with one another over very ordinary matters and waged wars for long, long years. The Holy Prophet advised them to avoid disputes and feuds and to live like brothers.

The Holy Prophet of Islam also explained to the people that Almighty Allah does not give any importance to caste, colour or wealth of human beings. On the other hand, He likes those who have sincere faith in Him and who possess knowledge and piety.

He also said that Allah grants a higher rank to those who endeavour to follow the right path and serve humanity to the best of their ability.

The religion revealed through the Holy Prophet is called 'ISLAM'. The word 'Islam' means submission to the Will of Allah. His first wife lady Khadija and his first successor, Imam Ali (a) were the first and foremost to believe in his Prophethood and to accept Islam,

The teachings of Prophet Muhammad (a) are the fountain-head for human welfare.


1. What was the condition of the Arabs when the Holy Prophet proclaimed his Prophethood?

2. Whom does Allah love more - the rich or the poor?

3. Who were the first to accept Islam?