Imam Hasan (A)

Imam Hasan (a) was the eldest son of Imam Ali (a). He was born on 15th Ramadan, 3 A.H. in Madina. The first phase of seven years of the second Imam's infancy was blessed with the gracious patronage of the Holy Prophet, who gifted him with all his great qualities and adorned him with divine knowledge to such an extent that he was outstanding in his knowledge, tolerance, intelligence, bounty and valour. After Imam Ali (a) he became the second Imam of the Muslim Ummah. He showed kindness even to his enemies.

During the time of Imam Hasan (a) and his father Imam Ali (a) there was a man who was desirous of becoming the leader of all the Muslims. To achieve this end, he used to abuse Imam Ali (a) and his family. The name of the man was Mu'awiyah.

One day, a follower of Mu'awiyah came to Madina and approached Imam Hasan (a). As he was opposed to the Imam, he did not even wish him and began using foul language. The followers of Imam Hasan (a) wanted to punish the man for his misbehaviour but the Imam asked them to leave him alone. Then he turned to the man, and said: “Salamun Alaikum” and enquired about his health. He spoke to him very nicely and invited him to his house.

When the man observed the Imam's noble behaviour, he was very much ashamed. He also realized that whatever Mu'awiyah said against Imam Ali (a) and Imam Hasan (a) was not true. Therefore, before leaving Madina, he went to Imam Hasan (a) and begged his pardon. Thereafter, whenever he heard anyone saying anything against Imam Hasan (a) or other members of the Holy Prophet's family, he would say that it was not true. He would tell people how good, kind and generous Imam Hasan (a) was.

Imam Hasan (a) was very modest and forbearing.


1. Why was Mo'awiyah against Imam Ali (a) and his family?

2. Why did Mu'awiyah's follower use foul language against the Imam?

3. How did Imam Hasan (a) treat Mu'awiyah's follower? What was the effect of this treatment?