Faith and Hardwork

One day Imam Ali (a) was carrying a heavy bag filled with date seeds to the farms near the city of Madina. Some one asked him, “What is inside this heavy bag?” Imam Ali (a) replied, “If Allah wishes, a few date palm trees.”

As Imam Ali (a) had complete faith in Allah and never shirked hard work, he was hoping that plants would grow from the date seeds and become trees. And that was exactly what happened. Some time after sowing the date seeds, plants sprouted out of the earth.

Islam orders us to work hard having full confidence in Allah's blessing. We should rest assured that if our faith is perfect, Allah will not let our efforts go in vain and will grant us success. On the other hand, we should also remember that we shall not succeed if we shirk hard work, and waste our time

It is not necessary that one's efforts should be rewarded immediately. The law of nature is that at times man has to face failures as well. However, people who are steadfast in their faith and sincerely believe in their object, are not discouraged by the temporary set-backs. On the other hand, they continue to work hard to achieve their goal.

Remember! In the long run, every difficult task becomes easy and profitable for them who have impregnable faith in Allah.

Greatness lies in hard work.


1. What was Imam Ali (a) carrying to the farms and why?

2. What is the secret of success of a Muslim?

3. What does Islam order us?

4. When does a difficult task become easy and profitable?