Help Yourself

During the time of Imam Ali (a) there were some people who never worked and lived a very miserable and unhappy life. One day Imam Ali (a) asked them: “Where from do you find money to support yourselves and your families?”

They replied: “We have no means of livelihood but we depend on Allah.”

Imam Ali (a) asked: “How can you live by merely depending on Allah?” They replied, “If we lay hands on some money we spend it, and if we do not get it, we wait for it”.

This reply surprised Imam Ali (a) very much. He said to them, “You are gravely mistaken. Faith in Allah and dependence on Him does not mean that one should not work and then hope that Allah will provide him with his living. One who depends on others and is a burden on the society is devoid of the blessings of Allah. On the other hand, faith in Allah means that one should work as hard as he can, and simultaneously hope and pray for Allah's blessings.

The Holy Qur'an says: “If you decide to do something, have firm faith in Allah”.

Allah hates an idle person.


1. What was the condition of those people who professed faith in Allah but did not work?

2. What is the true meaning of faith in Allah?