The Secret of Successful Life

The secret of human success lies in keeping things properly. People who keep their belongings in proper order are always successful in life. On the other hand, those who lack this quality can never achieve success.

Punctuality and regularity in all our activities are very important factors of success. We should do everything at its proper time. We should chalk out a programme for our work, games, outings, rest and sleep, and adhere to it strictly. We should also offer our prayers regularly and at the proper time. By doing so, we shall be able to perform every task in time and shall not face any embarrassment. We should never postpone today's work until tomorrow. Doing so is the cause of all troubles.

Time is something very precious. It is a well-known saying that, “Time and tide wait for no man”. We should, therefore, appreciate the value of our own time and should not waste the time of others. If we make an appointment with another person, we should make it a point to reach the place agreed upon at the appointed time or a minute or so earlier. Similarly, if we undertake to do some task for somebody, we should do it properly and on time.

It is necessary to do every job neatly and in a proper manner. When you return from school, you should not throw your uniform into one corner and your books into another. The best way is to request your mother to fix a place for your books and other things and to keep them in a proper way.

An orderly life is the key to success.


1. What should one do to lead a successful life?

2. Why should we appreciate the value of time?

3. Which are the important factors of a successful life?