Sympathy for Animals

Man is Allah's noblest creature. A glance at the universe shows that he is the central figure in it and Almighty Allah has created him to make gradual progress. It also appears that all other things are subordinate to him and have been created to assist him in achieving this object. The animals form an important part of such useful things.

Man utilizes animals for various purposes. He uses some of them for the purpose of cultivation and others as means of transport. Some animals provide him with meat as well as milk, which is a very wholesome human diet. He also uses their hides and skins to manufacture various articles. There are also many other jobs for the completion of which man needs the services of animals.

As we derive so many benefits from animals, it is also our duty to protect and nourish them. The commands of Islam in this behalf are very important and clear. The Holy Prophet of Islam has said: “It is the duty of those who use animals for transport purposes to provide them with enough fodder and water and to take proper care of them. They should not load them beyond their capacity and should not harm them”.

As explained above, it is our duty to treat the animals sympathetically and kindly. We should take particular care to feed the domestic animals properly and accommodate them at a comfortable place. We should not be cruel to them. It should also be remembered that the Holy Imams, too, took special care about the comfort of the animals. Good treatment meted out by us to animals is also likely to be reflected in our treatment of human beings.

Islam has ordered us to treat the animals kindly.


1. What benefits do we derive from animals?

2. What instructions did the Prophet give about the animals?

3. What opinion will you form about a person who does not treat animals kindly?