Worship and Good Behaviour

“Your Lord has commanded you not to worship anybody but Him, and you must be kind to your parents” (Surah Bani Israel, 17:23).

Allah has created us and given us countless gifts so that we may live a happy and peaceful life. It is, therefore, our duty to thank Him and worship Him.

In the Holy Qur'an obedience to parents has been mentioned at many places along with obedience to Allah and in some cases it has been mentioned as the first recommendation to the children of Adam.

Our parents have done great favours to us. They have borne many hardships to bring us up. It is, therefore, necessary for us to appreciate the good they have done to us. We should obey their lawful orders. We should try, our level best to recompense them for their kindness, so that Almighty Allah may also be pleased with us.

Islam has laid great stress on the good treatment of one's parents. Allah is pleased with those who keep their parents happy, and one invites His wrath by annoying them.