Sayings of Prophet Muhammad (S)

Once a man approached the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) and said, “O Prophet of Allah! Advise me how to lead a good life.” The Holy Prophet replied, “Be kind and decent to others”.

It is an undeniable fact that there is nothing as good as belief in Allah and His Holy Prophet and good behaviour towards Allah's creatures. It is for this very reason that when the Holy Prophet was once asked as to who is liked most by Allah, he replied, “Allah likes that person most who helps others and from whom the people derive more and more benefit”.

He also said that the sign of a good man is that if he does any good to any person, he does not remind him of it.

Islam also teaches us to rely upon one another and not to doubt the bonafides of others without a just cause. The Holy Prophet said, “Those who do not rely upon one another are devoid of faith”.

Islam lays great stress on the fulfillment of a promise. A hadith has been quoted from the Holy Prophet to the effect that the faith of those, who do not honour their promises and agreements, and do not take proper care of things entrusted to them, is weak.

The hadith of the Holy Prophet are beacon light for our guidance.


1. How should we behave with others?

2. What is a sign of a good man?

3. What importance does Islam attach to the fulfillment of a promise?