Aam: general

Abdullah: slave or servant of Allah

Abi (abi): father of…

Adalah: justice or integrity

Adhan: Muslim call to prayer

Ajr: reward

Ambiya: prophets

Ameen: trustworthy

Amir: commander

Ara(a): opinion(s)

Asabiyah: bigotry (p.20)

Athar: text

Awla: has more authority (p.9)

Ayah: Qur’anic verse


Baatil: falsehood

Bayah: allegiance

Bayt al-mal: public treasury

Bidah: religious innovation

Bint: daughter of…


Diyyah: blood money

Durrah: stick

Deen: faith

Dinars: golden coin currency

Dirhams: silver coin currency

Dunyah: life


Faasiq: disbeliever

Fusuq: impiety

Fay: income for all of the Muslim community

Fuqaha: jurists


Ghazw: military dispatch

Ghina: singing


Hadi: guide

Hadith: practice and saying of the Holy Prophet

Hijab: covering for a Muslim woman

Hijrah: migration (there are two known Muslim hijrah: lesser hijrah; was when a small group (70 Muslims) escaped from Mecca to Ethiopia, and the most famous was, the migration from Mecca to Madinah by the Prophet and his followers)

Hijrah: Islamic lunar calendar – and also defined as: the start of the Islamic year

Huffaz: narrators

Hujjaj: pilgrims


Ibn : son of ...

Ifta: giving religious edict

Ihdath: a new innovation

Ijtihad: deducing Muslim law

Imamah: leadership

Intahayna: stopped

Iqamah: refers to the second call for the prayer that follows the first call (adhan). It means that the prayer is ready to start

Isnad: chain of narrators

Itrati: my family


Jahiliyyah: ignorance (pre-Islamic era)

Janabah: ritual impurity

Jinn: spirits


Khass: specific

Khalifah: leader

Khazima: single evidence

Khilafat: leadership

Kisa: cloak

Kufr: apostasy


(al-)Madhab: school of Islamic thought

Mahdi: guided one

Masjid: mosque

Mawla: guardian, leader, or master

Minbar: pulpit

Muadhdhin: the person calling out the call to prayer (also called: muezzin)

Mubayan: clearly recognized

Mubahilah: invocation

Muhaddithun: narrators

Muhaddith: narrator of hadith

Muhkam: fundamental or basic

Munsukh: abrogated

Mujmal: unexplained

Mushnat: Jewish scripts

Mushrikeen (plural) (mushrik: singular): a person who associate someone or something with God)

Mutashabih: vague


Nabeeth: a form of wine

Nasikh: abrogating


Qadha: judiciary leadership

(al-)Qada: judiciary system

Qasr: shortened version

Qayyid(u): document

Qayyim: self-subsisting

Qiyas: analogy


Rafidah: rejecters

Ra´i: opinion

Raja: return

Rakat(s): unit(s) of prayer

Riyasah: leadership

Rukhsah: leniency


Sadaq: truthful

Sahaabah: companions

Shadaid: harshness

Shaheed: witness

Sharia: law

Shaytan: Satan

Shawath: eccentricity

Siddiq: truthful person

Surah: chapter of the Qur’an

Shura: consultation


Tabieen: second generation after the sahabahs

Tafseer: the interpretation or explanation of the verses of the Holy Qur’an or hadith

Taharah: ritual Purity

Takbeer: uttering “Allahu akbar”

Tayammum: ritual purification by means of dust


Ummah: Muslim nation

Usuliyun: jurists of Islamic law

Uktub(u): write


Wilayah: Authority

Wudhu: ablution for prayer


Yahjor: hallucination