Introduction by the Translator

"Believers conduct yourselves with justice and bear true witness before God even against yourselves,….." (The Holy Qur’an, Surah An-Nisa’, (4): Verse 135).

It is difficult to admit that one is in the wrongs, but conscience and religion tell us to tell the truth even against ourselves.

We Muslims for centuries treated our history books as gospel truth until recently. The very Reverend al-Saved Murtada al-’Askari in his book ‘Abdullah Bin Saba΄, first published in 1955 A.D., revealed that the Muslim history books contain some false information; and tales against Shi‘ah sect are forged and Shi‘ahs are not the alleged followers of ‘Abdullah Bin Saba΄.

The author has also systematically analyzed the relative events recorded in the history books and proved that ‘Abdullah Bin Saba΄, the alleged founder of the Shi‘ah sect in Islam was a fictitious character invented by Saif.

Saif was a well-known agnostic story teller who lived in the second century of the Muslim era and purposely wrote an illogical history of Islam.

In this translation I shall use the Arabic Text, third and fourth Editions 1968 — 1973 and the First Edition Persian Translation, Tehran 1384.

The dates are in Arabic Era (Hejir Lunar) today is 19.7.1391 (7.6.1351 Hejir Solar) 29.8.1972 A.D.

The translation of the book of ‘Abdullah Bin Saba΄, has been delayed for some years until I met Jean Moynihan in Rugby, whom I found to have a gift for helping in general and especially a desire to disperse the clouds hiding the truth. She corrected most of my English.

Many thanks also to my colleague Peter Patterson who went through all the manuscripts and corrected my errors. Thanks to other persons who rendered help to me in this work. Last but not least many thanks to my daughter, Fereshteh who typed this translation (Twice) which reveals “The Truth Behind the Fiction” of ‘Abdullah Bin Saba΄.

May God help all those who help man. Amen.
J. Muqaddas