The End of Translation

If it was not that "Despair equals infidelity to God," I would have had no hope of finishing this translation. The reader can see from non-consistency and unevenness that this is not the work of one man. After I read the Persian edition of the book I suggested to a friend whose fiancée was an English girl that they might translate the book into English. But they soon married, and changed their minds. Thereafter I decided to do it myself realizing the work is too much for me, "Empty the sea by bucket." Time! English!

My translation has been corrected by different people and this answers the unevenness of it. Anyway I did my best to write the references correctly, but I did not bother much about spelling of the names, because they change the pronunciation and spelling following their case in Arabic (the original text) and the aim of the book is not literature, but to prove that Saif has distorted the history of Islam in favor of the rulers of the time, Caliphs and Governors who wanted to convince people that they were in the right, the followers of ‘Ali were in the wrong.

Moreover I have attempted to convey the idea of the original author to the reader that not all sentences written in the so-called authentic Islamic history books are right, but there are fictitious characters playing the roles of heroes who have been accepted as being persons for fourteen centuries such as Abdullah Bin Saba.

J. Muqaddas.