Recording the conduct (sirah), morals and standpoints of the Awliya’ (Allah’s friends), is verily considered one of the educationally effective means, as the biography of prophets, Imams and the upright is replete with thousands of lessons and examples that lay down for us the course of noble ethics.

The prophets have truly incarnated the heavens teachings through their stances and conduct, laying down thus the way of the pure life expressing humanity aspirations. They are vivid examples for all virtues and lofty attributes and morals.

The Holy Qur’an has glorified the role of the prophets, calling all mankind to follow their guide, and take lessons from their stances and acts.

As Baqir al-’Ulum Research Foundation undertakes to publish this series of “A Meeting with the Righteous”, it aims for shedding light upon the life of the ‘ulama’, with introducing their biography and conduct to be glowing torches illuminating the way for generations.

Baqir al-’Ulum
Research Foundation