Author’s Preface

Praise and gratitude belongs to the Almighty Allah and salutations upon the Prophet of Mercy - Muhammad, and upon his virtuous progeny, who are the guides of mankind.

This book is a summary on the glorious life of the best woman of the two worlds, the mother of the Infallible Imams, Fatimah al-Zahra, the ‘Human Hourie’.

I have divided this book into four chapters and have further arranged the chapters into different sections:

Chapter 1: Circumstances relating to the birth of Sayyidah Zahra, her names and the reasons for these names being attributed to her.

Chapter 2: Her virtues and character, and her marriage to Imam ‘Ali.

Chapter 3: Incidents after the death of the Prophet, her chivalrous sermon, her resistance, and other related topics.

Chapter 4: Her anxiety and grief upon the separation of her honourable father, her will to Imam ‘Ali, and topics relating to her last days.

‘Abbas b. Muhammad Ridha (May Allah forgive them both)