This work would not have been possible without the sincere help of many individuals. I thank Sheikh Jafar Muhibullah of Austin who, despite a busy schedule of doctoral studies, took time to look over the introductions to the chapters and provided useful suggestions, as well as provided encouragement for me to proceed with publication of this work.

I owe thanks to Yahya Abu Haydar for his vast knowledge of Islamic topics, his expertise of Arabic language, and his help with authenticating translation of “Concept of God, His Oneness, and His Divine Attributes” and selected passages elsewhere. He also reviewed the manuscript at its completion. My son, Ali, helped in proofreading and editing the manuscript despite a busy Law practice. I am indebted to my nephew Ali Nasir Rizvi for his valuable advice.

Thanks go to the administrators of the Web site

The Web site was very useful in the present work. The book Peak of Eloquence (Nahjul Balagha), published by Tahrike Tarsile Qur’an, was also helpful.

Above all, I thank God Almighty for helping and guiding me in this long and difficult task.