The source of knowledge of Ali bin Abu Talib (p)

Ali (p) did not receive any institutional or formal education. During his childhood years, the Prophet Muhammad (s) was his only teacher. Much of his adult life was spent in protecting the Prophet and fighting in the defensive wars against the enemy. The Prophet Muhammad himself was generally known as “unlettered”, meaning he could not read or write. He claimed that his knowledge was imparted to him by Angel Gabriel and what he received through divine revelations from God Almighty.

(For more information on Imam Ali, please refer to his biography on page 215, Appendix A, and also see page 161.)

In this book, in the first section we learn some concepts about God, His wonderful creations and His bounties. The second section deals with leading a God-conscious life, which is a pre-requisite to true success. The third section deals with connecting with God through supplications. The last section contains his selected sayings and maxims replete with wisdom and guidance.

This is my humble effort, with full realization that I cannot improve upon the great work done by the earlier scholars. I pray to God Almighty that He forgive me for unintentional errors and lapses and that He accept this effort.