Appendix E: Sermon Numbers quoted in this Book

Below are the sermon numbers quoted in this book showing the respective titles of the sermons in the original work

Peak of Eloquence (Nahjul Balagha)

Sermon Number* Title of the Sermon**

1. Creation of Earth and sky

2. Arabia before prophet

12. Victory over enemy

45. God’s greatness, lowliness of world

48. While marching towards Syria

64. God’s Attributes

80. About preaching and counseling

82. It is called “al-Gharra,” a wonderful sermon

84. Perfection of God

85. Preparation for the next world

89. God’s Attributes and his advice

90. Sermon of “Skeletons,” In praise of God

93. Praise of God and eulogy of Prophets

99. Prophet Muhammad (s) and his descendants

108. About the Might of God

113. Abstemiousness, God-fearing, and preparing for the next world

130. About caliphate and qualities of a ruler

131. About God, the Qur’an, the Prophet, and this world

141. Misplaced generosity

154. Wonderful creation of bat

159. Greatness of God, hope and fear

162. Attributes of God

163. Wonderful creation of peacock

166. Fulfillment of Rights and Obligations

175. Preaching about the Qur’an, good and bad deeds

176. In answer to question, if he had seen God.

181. God’s praise, His bounties, Day of Judgment

184. Oneness of God, his expounding of knowledge

185. Vicissitude of times

187. Firm and shaky beliefs, urging people to learn from him

190. About God-consciousness, world and its people

191. Sermon of disparagement

194. Day of Judgment, transience of this world

197. God’s Omniscience, degrees of God-consciousness

198. Advice to his companions

210. Greatness of God, creation of universe

212. God’s sublimity, Prophet’s eulogy

215. Mutual rights of the ruler and the ruled

220. Glorify God, remember Him day and night, and fear Day of Judgment

*Sermon numbers may have slight discrepancies in different editions of Nahjul Balagha. The above numbering is from

**For the sake of brevity, full title may not be displayed.