Appendix F: The Letter numbers quoted in this book

The Letter numbers quoted in this book with their respective titles in the original work Peak of Eloquence, Nahjul Balagha*

Letter number Title of Letter**

1. Instruction to Marshal heading for battle

12. Instruction to soldiers before a battle

14. Instruction to soldiers before battle of Siffin

15. Prayer when facing an enemy

16. Instructions to his followers in a battle

18. Letter to Governor of Basra

19. Advice to governors regarding God’s laws

20. To an official about misappropriation of funds

22. Beneficial advice to his uncle

23. Instructions to his family, anticipating death

25. Instructions to Zakat (tax) collectors

26. More instructions to tax collectors

27. Instructions to a new governor

29. To people of province of Basra

31. Advice to his son, when returning from a battle

38. Letter to people of Egypt

41. Letter to a delinquent governor

45. Instructions to his envoy

77. Instructions to his negotiator sent to rebellious people

79. To governor of Basra

46. Letter to one of his governors

50. A circular issued to army officers

51. Letter to tax and revenue collectors

53. Letter to the newly appointed governor of Egypt

55. Letter to a rebellious governor

57. Letter to people of a province with weak loyalty

58. Letter to people explaining reason for the battle of Siffin

59. Letter to a governor

62. Letter to people of Egypt, at appointment of new governor

67. Letter to Governor of Makkah

69. Advice to an individual

72. Letter to a relative

76. Instructions to his representative when sent to people of Basra province

77. Instructions to his negotiator when sent to deal with rebels

79. Orders issued to his generals at the beginning of his rule

*Adapted from

**For the sake of brevity, some of the titles are simplified.