Feedback from Readers

We have received many shocking letters regarding this book but here suffice with quoting one of them for the dear readers without any edition and modification.

In the name of God

In the name of Lord Who created the youths and the Lord Who created all pure humans.
Let me narrate my case to publish it for the youths:

I am 19 years old. I was very much interested in Quran and our dear Imams (a.s.) at early teenage and still I am. During that time I hated looking at women, and assumed it to be a great sin and I avoided ogling.

When I reached maturity, and entered high school, I underwent a change and Satan penetrated me and diverted me from the straight path. Ogling at women had become a habit for me. I acquired bad friends who caused me to inure to a habit which involved me for four years. I continued this undesirable sexual habit for four years and my dropping out of school was undeniable and imminent. I was an excellent student in the primary school, but in the high school, I failed to pass some examinations.

I neglected God for four years. I lost my health and in general everything during these four years. The symptoms of thinness, debility, anaemia, dullness, trembling and weak eyes appeared in me.

In the fourth year of high school, I was awakened, and tried to desist from this action, but it was unfruitful. I withstood for 2 to 3 days, but committed the evil act again. All through the summer, I did my best and tried hard to quit it, but failed. I resorted to God and infallible Imams. I listened to Quran before Azan, and wept. I wanted to commune with someone, but with whom?

I spoke with God when listening to Quran being recited, and sought help from Him, and did not commit it for 2 or 3 days, but again I did it! Then, I cried and took a bath, and performed ritual ablution, and decided not to commit it anymore. When I did not perform it or decided to quit it, I was so happy as if God has forgiven all my sins!? But curse unto Satan…

In short, every evening I listened to Quran before Azan, and wept and sought help from God and resorted to Him, and after Azan, I prayed and invoked God to save all the youths addicted to this habit like me.

My friends were progressing, but I was declining. I was not admitted in the university as a result of my addiction. God never forgets His servants. Finally, it was a mercy of Him that I found the book, “Sexual problems of youths”, and bought it. It was the same book of salvation that delivered me and most of the youths. If they observe its instructions, they could get rid of this addiction. I thank God for His mercy unto me, the sinful servant, and saving me from a disgraceful death.

I read the whole book and observed its instructions one by one, and at the meantime, prayed on time and invoked God to save all the youths addicted to this action. I repeated the verses of the Throne several times every day to be secured from sin. When the sin occurred to me, I recited the verse of the Throne, and felt its effect clearly.

Furthermore, I recited the following two verses:

و اذا فعلوا فاحشه او ظلموا انفسهم، ذکروالله، فاستغفروا لذنوبهم و من یغفر الذنوب الا الله، و لم یصروا علی ما فعلوا و هم یعلمون

و ان الذین اتقوا اذا مسهم طائف من الشیطان تذکروا فاذا هم مبصرون

Then, I immediately forgot the calamitous thoughts. Recitation of these two verses is very effective.
First, I decided, and then refrained to glance at girls (this is very important). I prepared a busy daily program so that I did not have any time for this act. As explained in detail in the book, “Sexual problems of the youths”, I strengthened my faith and invoked God, which is the most important point. I believed in the phrase mentioned at the end of this book:

We are sure that if the afflicted youths observe the above instructions carefully just for a month, they will be relieved from this perversion.

However, after several resolutions, I succeeded to quit this habit and was saved. As I write this letter, it is two months that I have quitted it. You cannot imagine how glad I was when one month passed. I performed thanksgiving prayer. I supplicate God to help all sexually addicted youths to give up this habit

If the youths performing this practice know what ominous and dark consequences await them, and the destruction that it entails, but if they resolve to give up it, and observe carefully the instructions of this book, they should be certain that they will be saved after observing these instructions for a month and adhering to abstinence. Then they will experience the same feeling.

I like to cry and announce to all the people that I have been saved from death; not the rightful death, but disgraceful death and misery.

I like to look at nature, because it has become very beautiful.

I like to talk more with my family and laugh, because I did not laugh two months ago and spoke very little.

O God, I thank You for not denying Your mercy to such a sinful servant.

O God, I thank You for showing me the path of truth and helping me to join the truth.

Dear youths! If you are clean, try to remain thus and be clean forever. If not, you should try to purify yourself and study the book, “Sexual problems of the youths”, and observe its instructions carefully. Be sure that if you are addicted, you will be saved. At the critical moment of my salvation, I was hopeful and knew that I would certainly be saved.

Dear youths! If you have decided to give up this habit today and failed, make a resolve again, and never lose hope. Do not say that it is too late. You shall indeed succeed with repeated efforts.
Moreover, studying the book, “The best way for overcoming anxieties” is useful and helpful. (Nasl e Javan publications)

O you pure gentlemen! You have saved and continue to save a large number of youths from dangerous quicksand. I know that you do not need my gratitude, and will receive your reward from the Lord.

O God! Help us to succeed in giving up this addiction.

O God! Guide us to know that we are too dignified to accept committing evil deeds, and that we must not ogle at ladies.

O God! I know I have lost a major part of my memory and intelligence. I ask You to restore y previous wisdom and intellect. I am sure that You can help me in this regard. I have recourse only to Thee, O the Most Merciful!

O God! Help the youths who have quitted this habit and compensate their previous losses.

O God! Accept my repentance for my past sins, and help me not to commit it anymore, and save all youths who want to be saved from the chain of rebellion of this instinct.

O God! Support all who try to guide the youths, and enable them to accomplish this godly action and let them to enter everlasting paradise.