For awakening the families

The parents are unconcerned and the youths are indifferent and uncaring towards the events concerned with their destiny!

It seems that all prefer to forget the problems to ignore their fear, and as called by diplomats, they follow the policy of “patience and wait”.

Then, thousands of guiltless youths become victims of such negligence, heedlessness and ignorance, and the society is corrupted.

It is strange that thousands of societies, seminars, congresses, etc. are held every year throughout the world for investigation and review of underwater mines, various marine creatures, direction of winds and typhoons, pests of cotton boll and oat, extinction of chamois, decrease in the number of penguins, internal structure of firefly and so on, and scientists from around the world meet together to discuss about them.

On the other hand, little (if any) attention is paid to issues related to youths, who are the most active and precious human treasures of societies.

What we can do?

Our present world is not ruled by intellect and wisdom. Realities are not taken into consideration. The course of events and issues are mostly determined by a series of personal, regional, emotional, recreational motives or affairs dealing mostly with the appearance of the society.

Otherwise, such a significant issue shouldn’t have been forgotten and ignored to such an extent. Negligence of thinkers and scientists should not cause the youths and parents to forget their critical responsibility.

None of the problems the youths face today is as important as the sexual problem. Regretfully, we have to admit that this problem is becoming more complicated and serious due to developing automation in life, long duration of education and specialty courses, availability of luxury to all families, and lack of mutual confidence between girls and boys.

We have discussed these problems explicitly and clearly in this book and also proposed some solutions. Although some believe that we face a deadlock in this regard, we have proved the contrary. That is, should the youths and parents decide to solve this problem, effective solutions would indeed be available?

Moreover, we have discussed about “sexual perversion”, and practical way of its treatment and prevention. Studying it will certainly provide useful information for all youths to get salvation from this problem. These discussions were already published in “Nasl-e-Javan” magazine but after receiving repeated requests and numerous letters from the magazine office, it was published after revision and completion in book form which is available to you now.

We pray God the Almighty to give success to all the youths to solve their problems in this critical issue of life by following the instructions in this book. This is our utmost desire.

Qom – Nasir Makarim Shirazi
August 1971