Sexual perversions

The youth and sexual perversions

The painful cries from everywhere!

We know that youth is a period of “crisis” of instincts, specially “sexual instinct”. If this instinct is not guided properly, it would have the worst stroke on the felicity and happiness of the youths. Their creative powers will be spoiled like unopened buds, and their ingenuity and innovation which could be the source of numerous honours for them or the society, will be certainly wasted.

There are so many victims involved in the ill-consequences of improper leadership till the end of their life!

We have received numerous letters from the victims, revealing a part of this dreadful mystery. The letters include untold mysteries, dreadful and awful events, the writers of which have sought and cried for help and assistance.

In fact, we too were not so aware about the expansion and significance of this danger, but receiving these information, we have to do our best to awake the youths and warn them of the main points of the danger. We request the Almighty God to help us and them in this regard.

First, let us quote the exact text of some of these letters for you:

First letter

Since you had written in your articles that the youths can explain to you their problems in different issues, I decided to write this letter. ... The problem from which I am suffering and is driving me to destruction is related to sexual affairs and the tendencies which I will explain to you.

I am 23 years old. After the onset of puberty, I was afflicted with “a sort of sexual perversion” due to improper training, lack of attention and unawareness, and “unfortunately” I continued it for seven years!

Now, I am suffering from this internecine blight, and although I have tried hard to stop it, it is of no use. In addition to studying its harms in the books, I find them in myself too. Weak eyes, nervous system weakness, anaemia, trembling, thinness and faint have humbled me!

I was having sufficient talents and was undergoing education, while now I cannot understand the subjects properly, but still continue my education with difficulties….
When I take up the pen, I am not able to write. So, I put it aside, and later when my hand finds power. I start writing again!

There is a weak faith in me which, along with my conscience, blames me.
I sit in a corner and weep as much as I can so that my eyes become red. In brief, I am distressed and miserable, and I do not have any redresser and reliever!!…

You may be interested to know why I do not quit it while observing its harms?

I shall reply that now I believe it is (nearly) impossible to quit. When I become hot with desire, I lose my willpower, when I recover myself, I can only cry!

Sometimes I beseech God and have recourse to Imams (a.s.), but the more I implore, the less useful it is. Once I tell myself that God and the pure Imams do not pay any heed to dirty people like me?! We are the miserable who cannot relieve our hearts even with our near relatives. To whom shall we resort?

I cannot tolerate anymore, and I am sick of the world. Have pity on me and suggest a way to relieve and deliver me. If you know a medical prescription, let me know it, and be sure (as you are) that there is no need for my appreciation. The society shall appreciate you, and God may reward you.

Another letter

I admire you for the sacred warfare you started for guiding the youths... It is clear for me that your idea, against that of many contributors of magazines, aims at felicity of youths.

I am 17 years old and a student of the fourth grade in the high school. I was an excellent student all through the primary school period. However, after maturity I fell into a trap.
Of course, it is not limited to me. A number of those of my age have fallen into this trap. At first grade of high school, I was afflicted with “a sort of perversion”. During the last four years, I have lost a large part of my mental power. I repented tens of times, but my frailty is worsened.

Now, I feel that a major part of my body, that is, my heart and nerves are not working well, and the worst point is that I have lost my willpower, always have inferiority complex, speak too little, cannot exercise and not even go to family gatherings!

I know well that I will not have a good end, but I am too weak willed to quit this dangerous activity.
What is the reason?

The reason is that there are many photos of nude women in the hands of my friends. Our only hobby is watching deviant and sexy films, and pornography books are available at the lowest price.
Please guide me. Tell me how can I get rid of this fatal pain?!

Third letter

…Are you aware of the situation of youths and our problems?…

Do you know that a number of youths commit a serious offence and are perverted?
I was recently walking at Thoraya street in Yazd. Once, I saw a young man about 25 years, having a dull body and blind in the eyes walking with the help of his younger brother.

I went to his brother with whom I was familiar, and asked, “Who is he?”
He replied, “It is my brother.” I was astounded.

I said, “What has happened to him?” He replied, “He had no problem till he was 20, but due to a perverse addiction for some years he has become blind… Regretfully, he still doesn’t quit the malefaction...”

I request you to describe the harms of this malady and the method of its treatment for the youths. What we should do for avoiding such evils?…

These were some letters we received from different cities, and we have mostly quoted their exact words above (omitting the name of writers and phrases that are uncivil to mention here).

These letters and such like are “live and expressive images” from the situation of our youths and their future. Of course, it is remarkable that there are many pure youths who are not tainted with any moral aberration, but at the same time there are many victims also.

If we ignore them and continue to be silent spectators, the pure too will be threatened, the tainted will die, or will become feeble, pitiful, defeated, poor and even criminal like the other victims. However, we hope to save the most tainted through the method which we will explain (if they want and resolve), and the pure ones may look at these issues more carefully to find the way of prevention of any sort of perversion.

Hearing the moans of these victims makes our heart tremble, and the bite of their pens, seeking help beseechingly, stings and wounds the spirit of any human.

Unfortunately, the “sexual problem of youths” is in a very dangerous and critical stage as a result of reading some publications, watching porn movies, distribution of lurid photos, as well as abuse of freedom. It calls for an unremitting endeavour and struggle for saving the youths. Otherwise, an evil and fatal future will be here soon.

However, we believe studying the situation of these victims (as the examples mentioned here above) and others seen by you, could be an expressive teacher for so many hints to all.

Anyhow, significance of subject necessitates to mention what shall be said in this regard, warn all about the cliffs in the course of life of youths, and describe the way of salvation for “the entrapped”.
We invite all of you to study these series of discussions precisely, and assure you that if you leave your heart to us and follow exactly what we provide for you, you will be saved from all risks.

The fatal consequences of perversions

One of the most important issues that the youths face, and method of prevention of the untainted and treatment of the tainted!

In the preceding chapter, we mentioned some live examples to show how perversion and addiction to some of sexual aberrations can change the youths to a feeble, abject, hopeless, retarded and a sick being to the extent of “insanity” and “death”.

Unfortunately, at our time, called by some as “the time of sexy affairs”, many idle writers try to represent the perversions of youths as something insignificant, and sometimes for satisfaction of perverted people, introduce it as a necessity of life and one of the requisites of youth period!

As we know, a group of people too have made it a means for their “illegal business”, and look everywhere for hot sexy subjects and preparing provocative photos, and do not spare any life!

For instance, recently in a magazine called “women”, a so-called shocking news item was published, which as the writer says: “It has astonished all Europe!” It was about a lady who had announced in a newspaper that she was looking for a ladylove for her husband?!

They select news, which is most probably developed by themselves, as an effective promotional means for increasing circulation of their magazine. Now, what is the result of publishing such news with so much embroidery for the society, except scandal and perversion?

Even some sociologists, psychologists and physicians are not excluded from this “sexual wave” and try to represent it as natural and harmless.

A group of people, who believe in the painful and ill consequences of licentiousness, talk about prevention of these issues in such a way that it does not help to solve the problem and treat the afflicted. Rather it teaches the perverted ways they did not know before, and increases their perversion!

All these factors have caused the issue of sexual perversion to become an extremely complicated and a terrible problem such that it is not possible to eradicate it easily. It calls for attention, budget and precise plans.

Harms of masturbation

However, the youths shall tear the curtains of ignorance and malefaction covering the most sensitive facts concerned with them through their wisdom and intellect, and instead of escaping from perception of reality and resorting to subjects with no effect except narcotization and perversion of their thoughts. They shall review the sensible and clear realities and see the end of these fatal perversions with their own eyes.

First, we narrate the testimony of some physicians and researchers who have investigated such issues. Then, we will analyse the psychological and social causes of sexual perversions, and afterwards we will describe the way of eradication of these shameful addictions.

A famous physician narrates the observations of a number of physicians in his book on the harms of the shameful habit of masturbation as follows:

Hofeman says: I saw a 23-year-old young man addicted to this evil habit since the age of 15.
He had become so weak that his eyes were too feeble even to read a book. He had headache and was hysterical. He was dizzying like a drunken and he felt a deep pain in his eyes.

Observations of Dr. Huotchinson prove that most diseases related to the genital system, retina and choroids are caused by masturbation. (Pay attention).

The said writer adds: The first result of this heinous addiction is that eyes become weak, the face loses its colour. The former smartness and acuity is not found in their sights. A grey circle surrounds their eyes. Then, weakness and sloth is observed in different organs.

Forgetfulness, lack of appetite, indigestion, asthma, envy, grief and boredom, melancholia, seclusion and loneliness are among the ill consequences of this perversion.

The physician adds in his book, that this heinous deed causes anaemia, weakening of physical and spiritual power, vertigo, imagining voices and noises, backache, forgetfulness, anorexia, weakness and indolence, and in brief general debility, in particular in the eyes and ears. (Pay attention)

Addiction to this heinous sexual perversion decreases resistance of body against diseases, and according to him:

Those afflicted with this heinous habit cannot escape death easily after contracting one of the acute diseases.

Then, he quotes from one of the writers:
I knew a young man afflicted with this heinous practice. Once, he was suffering from a feverish disease. On the sixth day when he had become very weak, he could not stop his malefaction. Then, death embraced him!

He also narrates:
One of those afflicted somehow with this heinous practice, felt gradual and increasing weakness. He was losing weight and suffering from backache. Continuation of this practice resulted in paralysis, and after six months of lying down in bed, he passed away pitifully.

Affliction with this heinous habit is very dangerous for the wounded and those who are operated.

To summarize, according to the same specialist, this heinous sexual perversion, hated both from medical and religious point of view, results in atrophy and weakens the spirits of man.

Masturbation is uncontrollable

However, the harms of such perversion are too many to be included here. One of its most horrible dangers is that the disastrous practice is not controllable at all, and will power weakens with its increasing development. It develops into such a strange extreme way that it transgresses any limitation and violates any boundary.

It is true that any sort of excess in sexual affairs, even in the legitimate way (through marriage) may cause numerous dangers, but apart from the basic differences between natural and unnatural satiation of this instinct (which will be explained later), the situation is not always prepared for its legitimate and natural satiation. While, this heinous practice does not require special conditions, and so it penetrates and roots dangerously into life of the afflicted.

Taking into account the above facts and the vital importance of this issue on the destiny and future of the youths in physical, mental, moral, social and religious point of view, it is necessary for all the youths to note exactly all the points we mention for “prevention” from these hateful habits.

The afflicted shall know that it is never too late to quit this malefaction. First of all, “decision” and then exact observation of the instructions which will be mentioned in the coming pages of this book is necessary. After studying this program, it would not be difficult to quit these habits.

$$SUB[-A big mistake about sexual perversions]

A big mistake about sexual perversions

I  would like to weep bitterly, but there is not a drop of tear in my eyes.
I would like to cry, but cannot even sigh.

I would like to think, but about what? About which misfortune and tragedy? Is there still any thinking mind with such adversities?!

I am helpless and alone, wandering and errant, fearful and frightened of what I am and what I would be. I hate everybody, everything and this tainted and disgraceful environment!

I am 21 years old, and have spent ten years of the most critical age of my life “alone”. The adversities of life and the unpleasant colours of the face of society annoy me….

I don’t know what happened. A few years ago, while reading a book, I became familiar with this vile sexual habit unwillingly. It passed and no one told me that what a critical and dangerous period youth is? The nudeness of females burning in the fire of desire and lust increased my inward emotion.

Right! I got accustomed to it and now I am physically and spiritually sick. I am losing my sanity and am too worried and anxious.

Excuse me for this long letter. These moans and entreaties do not belong to me alone. I know that many youths are as pitiable as me.

Let me also confess that I attempted to commit suicide twice at the early ages of youth, 16 or l7 but we poor people are not even allowed to die! Now I have become very weak. Pardon me, now-a-days I lose semen involuntarily!...I am wandering in a fatal typhoon, hoping that one side may lead to destruction!

Pleas save me! I request you to reply to me soon, and if possible, via mail. If you want, you can also reply to me in the Nasl-e-Javan magazine, at your earliest convenience. I pray God for progress of you, the pure-hearted masters and managers of this magazine who attempt to guide tainted individuals like me, and prevent others from such terrible things.

S.B from Mashad

The Important Issue lies here!

Here, we read another painful and distressful letter from an afflicted youth (we have not mentioned his name), and review another scene from the sorrowful spectacles of this tainted society.

Now, let us follow our discussion regarding the heinous and dangerous habit of masturbation, and the way of curing it, haply to control this dangerous flood somehow.

One of the big mistakes with respect to this critical issue is that contrary to some experts who have studied about it for many years and written about the evil effects of this ugly practice (a sample of which was mentioned in the previous chapters), some physicians comment:

Medically, we have not found any harm of this practice. Rather, frightening individuals from fatal and ominous impacts of this practice, may have undesirable effects on their spirit!

Once they say: There is not much difference between this practice and sexual intercourse.
Unfortunately, such remarks without investigation about all aspects of issue, result in fall of a number of youths in the snare of this ominous habit.

The well-informed physicians reply them as follows:
They have ignored an essential point, that is: According to “plenty of observations” and “plain confessions of many afflicted”, this practice is habit-forming, and a severe and fatal addiction which attracts individuals to itself, and does not leave them easily.

Smoking a narcotic may not be very harmful once, but we should note that there is risk of addiction, in which one’s everything may be buried.

As the specialists have stated clearly in this regard, this evil deed is habit-forming. They have warned the youths against it. (pay attention)

Another point to be added is that the way of being tainted by this practice is very simple and easy. In other words, it does not require any means, and it is possible everywhere and in all conditions. It is not possible to control it, and regretfully, since it entangles the youths during the period of “rebellion of sexual instinct”, especially during the years of 16 to 20, it may change to a deep rooted habit very soon. However, sexual intercourse is never so simple, and even for the spouses, it is possible under particular conditions.

Those who have disregarded its harms have certainly forgotten the issue of “addiction”, and its other particular conditions and situations.

Otherwise, how one can deny the reality that many tainted youths continue it as far as death, insanity, absolute debility, paralysis and losing everything? Is it possible to deny such obvious observations?!

On the contrary, there are many people among this group who say: we were not familiar with the harms of this heinous habit. Therefore, the issue of autosuggestion is rejected here.

Ways and instructions for prevention

Now, we draw the attention of all dear youths to the following points to avoid formation of this habit, or cure it:
First step

1- The first notable step for the afflicted is that despite its fatal consequences, this heinous sexual habit is curable, and according to physicians and many afflicted persons, it is certainly curable like any other wrong habit and addition if a correct procedure is applied.

It is remarkable that most of its ill effects will be removed during a relatively short period after desisting it, because the youth vivacity and power could compensate most of the previous disorders (of course, not all, but most of them). As the wounds and injuries in the children and youths heal very soon, the ill effects of this practice too will be eliminated in a relatively short period after awakening (if one realizes in time).

Those afflicted youths who despaired of their recovery or are in doubt, are really wrong, because despair and hesitation is the greatest hindrance for their relief. (pay attention).

Therefore, the first and most essential issue to be considered and believed, is the possibility of quick withdrawal from this heinous and shameful habit, and relieving from many of its consequences.
When the first step was taken, we can go ahead towards the treatment of the afflicted with perfect faith and hope, and they shall prepare themselves for exercise of the first instruction.

2- Physicians generally believe that to cure any addiction, the most important thing is  a decisive, strong, and serious decision.

You may consider it insignificant, but we tell you that it is more important and effective than what you may think.

For making a decision, one shall first reflect on the harms of continuation of this dangerous malefaction, review several times the harms mentioned in the preceding chapters, imagine the ill consequences for the addicted, and considering the superior personality and power hidden in any human, particularly the youths, he shall make a firm resolve.

I am sure that some afflicted youths would object that. “We cannot make any decision, and we have resolved several times, but failed!”

We are fully aware of your objection, but you too shall pay attention to our reply:
I ask such people: “Have your even done this openly before your parents, brother, teacher and or any other individual, even if you are very unquiet?

You will certainly say: No.

I ask, “Why?” You reply: “Because it is such a disgraceful practice!”

We say: You mean that since it is shameful, you have decided to avoid it before them!

This very well proves that you are never drawn to this practice as unwillingly and involuntarily as you think. Otherwise, the presence or absence of these individuals made no difference to you!

You shall try to extend “your strong willpower” used in such cases everywhere. This capital exists in you. Then, why do you not utilize it?

You shall also keep in mind that God is present everywhere and observes your deeds. Is it correct to perform this practice in His presence?!

It is noteworthy that we read in one of the statements of the great Islamic leaders, Imam Sadiq (as.) that once a person came to him and said: Poor man has been involuntarily afflicted by a “sexual perversion”!

Imam angrily asked: What do you mean?! Does he commit it in the presence of others also?! He replied: No. He said: So, it proves that he does it voluntarily and willingly.

We declare explicitly to those who say, “We have decided several times, but failed”: Violation of decision does not imply elimination of all of its effects in man. When a decision is broken, there remains some deposits on depth of man’s heart and soul, and it paves the way for final decision more than before. (Pay attention)

Let me explain this with the help of an example:

Many times, when one decides to climb a mountain or drive up a sharp slope, one may fail the first, second and sometimes even the tenth time, but finally, one succeeds and passes it. It does not mean that he has not achieved anything in the previous times. Rather, each time he tried to go uphill and failed, he has automatically learned and acquired some ability and has finally succeeded.

Scientists say that to memorize a poem or prose, at first, 5 times repetition may be required, and it may be forgotten later. But next time, 5 times repetition will not be required. Three times may be enough. In other words, the deposits of previous decisions and learning always remain in man’s spirit. This is applicable to all issues concerned with man’s psyche.

Therefore, if you have resolved ten times, and have broken it, prepare yourself for a decisive, serious and firm decision for desisting from any sort of wrong addiction, and mobilize all your spiritual forces, particularly belief in God, and do not forget the saying of our great leader, Imam Ali (a.s.) that: Faithful individuals are strong and persistent like a mountain.

Now that you have made your final decision, you should observe the following instructions exactly.

Ten instructions

As mentioned earlier, risks and harms of sexual perversions, specially masturbation, which is sometimes called Onanism after a historical legend, are undeniable because it turns to “addiction” soon, a deep-rooted and fatal addiction so that the afflicted performs it several times a day, and even according to explicit confession of some afflicted people, sometimes the semen excretes from them only with “imagination and thinking”! without any other action!

Even more dangerous is despair and pessimism about encountering this addiction, because despair is the greatest hindrance for relief of the afflicted, and results in very undesirable spiritual reactions in them.

The afflicted should be sure that if they resolve, they can overcome this heinous habit, and even eliminate most of its effects and consequences in themselves in a short or somewhat long period.

They should never suggest to themselves that the addiction will last till the end of their life or its effects will remain forever.

Rather, they shall attempt to fight with full vigilance, decisive resolution and observance of “further instructions”.

Those who have been relieved from this heinous habit, should value their purity, and be vigilant to maintain it. They should avoid any satanic temptation, and must not leave their destiny to the aberrant and deviant associates at any rate.

As we have already mentioned, definite victory in struggle with any sort of wrong addiction, including dangerous sexual addictions or others, after hopefulness and confidence about victory, lies in making a firm decision (a strong decision relied on faith, character, nobility and conscience, and an unfailing and inviolable decision).

Even if the decision is broken ten times, they should make a stronger resolve again, and renew their decision with same hopefulness and faith.

However, the decisions finally affect their unconscious, and when they are accumulated, they will be effective.

Undoubtedly, when the resolve is not broken, effects of the heinous habits will be eliminated from their spirit and body much sooner.

It goes without saying that if such people establish a close relation and connection with their Lord, and seek help from His sacred presence, and trust in His mercy, it will be more fruitful under the grace of this religious faith.

Now, after these steps, following points shall be observed carefully. These points may seem simple for some people, but in practice, it is proved that they have a miraculous effect.

Avoiding all artificial stimulations

If the youths watch “sexy films” every night in the cinema or on television, and spend a major part of their valuable time reading “romantic fiction” and watching “provocative photos” of porn magazines, and ogle at half-naked females in the streets, and still expect not to be tainted, they are really wrong.

Such causes of “artificial stimulations” which are never necessary, divert the line of thought of any youth from the basic issues of life, and lead it towards the sexual issues in an acute and rebellious form.

They are constantly kept in a nervous anxious state, the adverse effects of which surround their entire life.

Continuation of constant provocation destroys the best period of life, i.e. youth period, and ruins the nerves of youths.

All dear youths, particularly those having some wrong sexual habits, should strictly avoid watching such films, reading such books, and any sort of deliberate leering to prevent disturbance of their mental tranquillity and weakening of their powerful nervous system with constant excitement.

In order to succeed in this part, it is necessary for them to choose healthy and suitable recreation and hobbies for their leisure, and prepare a suitable program with the help of their friends for this purpose.

These recreations may include personal and group sports, walking, useful reading, gardening, handicrafts, collecting poems, photos and stamps, and  participation in various gatherings and scientific or moral conferences.

Preparing a full time program

The youths should prepare a program for all times of day and night for themselves to avoid even an hour of idle time.

We do not say that they should study or work continuously. Rather they should have a program even for their recreation and sport, with no free time.

The youths should know that the greatest misery for a youth is to have free time without any program.

A youth may be unemployed and a job seeker, but he should prepare a daily program, including study, recreation, rest, etc.

It is better if the youths prepare their daily program a little more compressed than their available time to prevent their mind from idleness even for a moment, because being mentally busy is very effective in avoiding such bad habits.

It is often observed that smokers smoke much more during holidays as compared to working days. The difference is the same result of engagement of mind, nervous system and body in the positive actions, and avoiding useless and harmful deeds on working days.

In brief, if those suffering from wrong sexual addictions, do not have a full time engaging program, they cannot get rid of this habit easily. Preparing such a program is one of the most effective factors in avoidance, and the addicted could overcome a major part of problems of their withdrawal in this way.

Focusing on sports

It is well known that sportsmen are undersexed, because a large part of their physical and mental energy is directed to sports, and naturally, less remains for other issues.

On this account, in order to prevent extreme sexual provocation, it is necessary for the youths to choose extensive and various sports programs.

Those afflicted to this evil habit are often secluded, unsociable, slow and dull. Seclusion, isolation and dullness worsens and intensifies their situation. If they change their state completely, and add mobility to their life, it would be very effective to their withdrawal, improvement and recovery.

Such people usually have a weak and feeble nervous system, while various and appropriate sports are significantly effective in strengthening their nervous system.

They should assign their extra and free time to different games, sports and walking to recover their health and also allocate a part of their physical and mental energy to sports.

To the same degree that mobility, personal and group sports are useful, isolation and seclusion is a lethal poison for them and they should avoid it at any rate.

Don’t forget this advice, and find its miraculous results. Exercise so much during the day that you become tired. Then, you will sleep well at night and be secure from the evil of many harmful and fateful imaginations and thoughts disturbing you at this time!

One habit shall be replaced by another

Psychologists say: For withdrawal from a bad habit, a good habit should be found to replace it.

For instance, those accustomed to gambling cannot give it up despite observing and feeling all its harms, and according to themselves, when it is the time of gambling, they do not know which power attracts them towards this action (condemned by their intellect and conscience) just like a slave and captive?! For overcoming such wrong habits, they should replace gambling with a proper game (like a sports match) to forget the bad habit.

In other words, the energy consumed by the habit shall be diverted elsewhere and consumed without leaving any undesirable reaction. (Pay attention)

For the wrong sexual habits, when the motive is created in the afflicted, they shall engage themselves in a program which they have already envisioned for such time, like a scientific activity, sports or intellectual competition, studying an interesting book, mountain climbing and riding etc. and continue it to replace the previous bad habit.

Absolute avoidance of loneliness

Such persons should certainly and unconditionally avoid loneliness.
They should never be alone, do not stay alone at home, do not sleep alone in the room, and do not go to a solitary place even for studying.

When they feel loneliness anywhere, they should leave that place immediately.

Such individuals should specially not forget this point that upon feeling the first provocation, they should rise and engage in something else. Neglecting this warning would often cost you much.
Loneliness is a very favourable in breeding the microbes of this addiction in the mind of any youth, and all youths wishing to be healthy, safe and secure from the great risks of masturbation, should
avoid loneliness.

Marry at the first opportunity

If possible, such individuals should marry at the first opportunity. Even if they can only be engaged (of course, a legal engagement with legal marriage contract), they should not lose this opportunity.

In short, marriage has a significant effect in struggle against this sexual perversion. If expectations are lessened and extra formalities eliminated, it would be a very easy and simple task. However, a series of dreams and wrong restrictions have chained most classes, including the educated and the unlearned.

Some addicted youths fear marriage, but their fear is really baseless, because by following these instructions it is easy to cure this addiction and succeed in all stages of marriage and matrimony.

Suggestion and strengthening of willpower

Suggestion has a critical role in struggle against this habit.
The addicted individuals should regularly suggest to themselves that they can give up this ugly habit completely.

In order to increase and expedite the effect of suggestion, as a French psychologist, (Dr. Victor Pushe) says: They should continue suggestion for several days as follows:

Every day, they should sit in a quiet place, where nothing disturbs them, and focus their mind and repeat this phrase articulately and strongly: I can give up this evil habit completely, I can!

Repeating this simple suggestion has an incredible impact on boosting their morale and withdrawal from this habit and any bad habit. (You can try it.)

Furthermore, we should not neglect reading psychological books written for stabilization and growth of character and strengthening of will power, because as we know and all the addicted succeeding in giving up this evil habit and other undesirable addictions have confessed, the first step in this path is “willpower and resolution”.

Absolute abstinence

One should completely avoid associating with individuals afflicted with this vice at all times specially during the period of struggle, as he avoids those suffering from cholera. Moreover, one should never neglect the fatal and painful harms and consequences of this action, and never listen to the tempting utterances of others.

The role of aberrant and bad associates in affliction by this perversion and its continuation is very amazing. For not feeling sin and misfortune, the afflicted try to make others afflicted. So, they always try to display this evil deed as pleasant and harmless, but the awakened youths are never entrapped in their satanic temptations.

General nourishment and diet

A perfect and healthy diet resulting in general nourishment is very effective in struggle against this habit, which mostly originates from or causes weak nervous system.

Bathing in cool water (of course, when the weather is good), and then body massage with towel too could help such individuals.

They should also strictly avoid wearing tight and close-fitting garments, which could cause artificial stimulation. Basically, such garments are harmful and even sometimes dangerous for all youths, and hurt their normal growth in addition to being provocative and tempting.

Seeking help from the power of faith and religious beliefs

The power of faith and religious belief could be the greatest help for the afflicted, and it could relieve them from this evil habit.

Such individuals should never consider themselves as cursed and reprobated individuals with God. Rather, one should trust in God’s mercy, pray, prostrate and confide to and invoke God, and request Him to help him in getting rid of this ugly habit. Definitely, if they turn to Him heartily, The Merciful God will help them and they will succeed in this vital conflict.

They should consider Him omnipresent and All-Seeing, and must not allow themselves to commit such an immoral action.

We are sure that if the afflicted youths observe the above instructions carefully just for a month, they will be relieved from this perversion.