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Your female cousin is non Mahram to you and it is not allowed for you to look at her with out Hijab, nor talk to her in any emotional or love words unless you enter with her in a temporary marriage contract with its conditions.


We are not dealing here with legal matters nor giving any legal advice. We are dealing with Islamic matters and reflecting the rulings of the leading scholars ( Maraaji' of Taqleed). Muslim should not break the law of the country where he lives unless it contradicts with his faith and religion.
Main matter in second marriage is fulfilling the Islamic conditions of practical justice between wives. If this condition is not fulfilled, second marriage will be not permissible in Islam.

If your question is a legal question, you should ask your legal adviser.


Kitab al-Fitan by Na'eem ibn Hammaad Al-Maroozi (died 228 Hijri) can not be taken for granted and fully authentic in all its contents and narrations. Many Sunni scholars in Hadeeth like Al-Nasaa'ee and Ibn Hajar and Al-Dhahabi and al-Daar Qutni mentioned Na'eem or Nu'aim ibn Hammaad as not authentic narrator despite the fact the he was a Sunni like them. This narration does not have a continuous chain of authentic narrators, that is why we can not take it as authentic. Anwar Shah Kashmiri was a Deobandi Shaikh in the Indian subcontinent who died in 1933 and his mentioning this narration needs an authentic chain of narrators, which he failed to mention , so we can not take the narration with out that.


Sorry to hear that - it can be difficult to find a good spouse, and a family is blessed when someone suitable wishes to marry their child; not everyone has the opportunity to marry a compatible spouse. 

In addition to the advice already given, du'a is also good.