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Abortion is terminating a developing life of a human being, which started from the formation of the zygote. That is why, abortion is a major sin, unless it is absolutely necessary to save the life of the mother if doctors decide that pregnancy under existing medical condition can kill the mother.

Abortion is not only a major sin, but also has a penalty like the penalty of killing and amount of the penalty depends on the age of the embryo.


Allah says in Quran ( And your Lord creates whatever He wills and chooses, no choice have they.) 28:68.

When the zygote is formed, it means that it was created by Allah, so, no one has the right to terminate the pregnancy. Your husband has no right to kill this embryo by abortion. You need to tell him that he  should not object on the Wisdom and Mercy of Allah which created this embryo. No one knows what is the future of this child but Allah who created it.

Abortion is type of killing of a human being and it is a major sin and has a penalty called  Diyah like the penalty of killing. The only case in which abortion can be allowed is when the life of the mother is in danger because f the pregnancy and there was no way to save the life of the mother but only by abortion.



Thank you for your question. I would recommend that you contact the office of your Marja with the specifics of your case. Although the usual ruling is that it is not allowed (and this will be applicable in most circumstances and is also the applicable rule according to the limited information you have given here), there have been exceptions for when the woman who has become pregnant in a mutah marriage is allowed to abort before 4 months when the difficulty she would face from being accused would have been too much for her to bear and there is absolutely no other way that an abortion can be avoided (like traveling to another place and having the baby). I am posting the ruling from the office of Sayyid Sistani (hA) below which is in Arabic for further reference:

السؤال: امرأة حملت بعقد زواج منقطع وتخشى على سمعتها والعار، وخاصة من أهلها ومعارفها، فهل يجوز لها إسقاط الجنين قبل الأشهر الأربعة أو حتى بعدها؟

الجواب: أمّا قبل ولوج الروح فيه فإن كان ما تواجهه من الحرج بسبب انكشاف أمرها بحدٍّ لا يُتحمّل عادة ولم يكن هناك طريق للمنع من ذلك - ولو بأن تسافر إلى أيِّ بلد آخر وتسكن فيه حتى تضع الحمل - جاز لها الإجهاض، وأما بعد ولوج الروج فلا يجوز الاجهاض مطلقا حتى على الاحوط اذا كانت تتضرر أو تقع في حرج شديد من بقائه.

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No, it is not allowed, and both parties must be responsible towards the pregnancy and their child. This is the least of moral commitment the man has towards her and their baby as well.

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