Ask A Question About Islam And Muslims

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The issue of proving or denying the marriage of Jesus was a matter of discussion between many Christians. Catholics deny any marriage of Jesus, that is why Catholic priests do not marry, while many other Christians say that he got married and their priests marry. Mary the Magdalene has been mentioned in many Christian books as a wife of Jesus. 

We Muslims have no authentic evidence from Quran or Sunnah to stand firmly with or against the issue of the marriage of Jesus. Both possibilities are there.

If we take any of the two possibilities, there are valid reasons to justify it. Marriage is highly recommended in the Shari'a of Islam but we know that the Shari'a of previous prophets can differ in some parts.


Marriage is a human need for settled life with out tension and peaceful life with out sinful acts. Marriage is the only way of procreation with out which human beings would have diminished.
Sexual need is part of the feelings of most people and marriage (permanent or temporary) fulfills this human need.

Marriage is highly recommended in Islam and some cases it can be obligatory on those who can fall in sinful acts if they are not married.


We believe in the original Bible which was revealed on Prophet Easa (AS), not the claimed different Bibles which were written by people. 

Both are required depending on your surroundings. If you are living among Muslims who need to be nurtured to be better Muslims, you should then focus on that. If you are living among non Muslims who do not know enough about the facts of Islam being the last and final message to all human beings, you need to try to enlighten them and help them know the facts then leave to them to think and decide. No doubt, the reward of enlightening non Muslims is very great, nevertheless,BT he reward if nurturing Muslims to make them better Muslims is also very great.

You can do both as our Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and his great successors the infallible Imams did. It depends on the need of your surroundings and your abilities.