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Laylat al-Qadr is understood to be one night towards the end of the month of Ramadan, but it is not clear which night it is.

Shi'i hadith specify the 19th, 21st, and 23rd as the strongest candidates for the night of Laylat al-Qadr. This is why there is special worship done all night on those days, and not usually on the later nights.

In the Sunni tradition, there is usually a focus on the later nights (any of the last 10 odd nights, but particularly the later ones) especially the 27th.

If one is a Shi'i, there is no harm in doing acts of worship for Laylat al-Qadr on the 27th of Ramadan, with the idea that it could possibly be a candidate for Laylat al-Qadr. Of course, acts of worship like Du'a Jawshan al-Kabir can be done any time. 

Allah knows best.

Predestined matters are things which human beings have no option at all in it e.g. your parents, your place of birth, your skin color, your height etc. 

Marriage is not predestined because it must have your own option and approval not be valid. Man and woman choose and decide whom they marry and accordingly they meet the results of their own decision.

You can pray to Allah (SWT) to make a specific person good for being your spouse. Allah (SWT) knows everything including the unseen and the future, and He grants whatever is good according to the reality and not necessarily as we think and imagine. Many things we wish and seek from Allah, can be harmful in the future, that is we should always submit to the Will, Wisdom and Mercy of Allah in seeking from Him. We should seek from Him to grant us whatever He knows good for us, not what we think good.


You can get from the blessings of Laylatul Qadr right from Maghrib by seeking from Allah and reciting Sura al-Qadr and repeating Estighfaar and Salawaat. You should always respect your parents and never annoy them.


Laylatul Qadr is either the 21st or 23rd night of the Month of Ramadhan. It is not confined with specific weather. Whether differs from place to place in the same country while Laylatul Qadr is for all place of that part of the world.