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You can get from the blessings of Laylatul Qadr right from Maghrib by seeking from Allah and reciting Sura al-Qadr and repeating Estighfaar and Salawaat. You should always respect your parents and never annoy them.


Laylatul Qadr is either the 21st or 23rd night of the Month of Ramadhan. It is not confined with specific weather. Whether differs from place to place in the same country while Laylatul Qadr is for all place of that part of the world.



Thank you for your question. On the night of Decree God decrees the affairs of His creation for the next year. As such a female's menstrual cycle does not prevent her from benefiting from the blessings of that night. There are some acts of worship she cannot do, like praying a obligatory prayer. But there are many more acts that she can do like supplicating, remembering Allah, reading Qur'an and so on.

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We are following the authentic narrations from the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) in every religious matter including this matter. The authentic narrations mentioned three nights; 19th and 21st and 23rd.