Section Twenty

وَأَسْأَلُ اللّهَ بِحَقِّكُمْ وَبِالشَّأْنِ الَّذِي لَكُمْ عِنْدَهُ أَنْ يُعْطِيَنِي بِمُصابِي بِكُمْ أَفْضَلَ مَا يُعْطِي مُصاباً بِمُصِيبَتِهِ، مُصِيبَةً مَا أَعْظَمَها وَأَعْظَمَ رَزِيَّتَها فِي الإِسْلامِ وَفِي جَمِيعِ السَّموَاتِ وَالأَرْضِ.

“And I ask Allah for your sake and for the status and rank which you have with Him that He grant me that thing due to me showing grief and sorrow at your sorrows even more than of that which he gives in a person’s own grief and sorrows, and what great sorrow and tragedies you faced! How great was your tragedy for Islam and for all of the inhabitants of the heavens and the Earth!”

What is being asked for in this section of the Ziyarat? The Qur’an clearly tells us that when an affliction befalls a person there are certain things which Allah grants him: “And surely We will test you with something from fear and hunger and a loss in your wealth, lives and your children – then give good tidings to those who show patience that when a tribulation befalls them they say,

‘Surely we are all from Allah and back to Him is our return.’ Surely it is upon these people that the prayers of their Lord are showered and His Mercy and surely it is these people who are on the right path.” (2:155-157).

Thus, in this section of the Ziyarat we are asking Allah to grant us patience and to shower us with His Prayers and Mercy for us bearing the tribulations which befell Abi ‘Abdillah and his family and friends.

We also attest to the fact that whatever comes upon us in the form of tribulations and tests is nothing compared to what happened to the grandson of the Prophet and that his tribulations were something which all of the inhabitants of the heavens and the Earth had a hard time in bearing!

According to one hadith from the 5th Imam, everything in creation – the Jinn, wild animals, trees, even the sky cried at the murder of Imam Husayn! This should come as no surprise to us as in one verse of the Qur’an, Allah tells us that at the death of a particular person, the sky and the Earth did not cry (since this person was not worthy of this) – thus, this means that at the death of others, it is possible for the Earth and Sky to show ‘emotions’ and she tears.

Even today, scientists have shown how animals can develop a close bond to their owner and if the owner dies, that animal is able to sense this and also feels grief and their entire pattern of life changes...

Without doubt, the Hujjat of Allah leaving his Earth in the fashion in which he did is something which would even make a hard rock split and have water gush out from it, however how tragic it is that the heart who hears of his tragedy does not break down in tears...