The Arguments Raised Against Mourning

‘Will they come back to life with your crying?’ This sarcastic response often given to oppose mourning is a clear indication that those uttering it think the martyrs are in fact dead (Allah forbid), otherwise why would they say such a thing? Therefore anyone saying this cannot possibly remain Muslim, submitting to Allah’s Quran.

A second strange argument raised is that if the martyrs are indeed alive, then why mourn and cry over them, do people ever grieve or cry over those alive, and what is the point of mourning for martyrs? This is a totally redundant argument. Prophet Adam (pbuh) cried for hundreds of years at his separation from Heaven. In fact he cried so much that the tears left two streaks imprinted on his cheeks. This very fact annuls the above argument because Adam (pbuh)’s crying was not for any living or dead person: the above objection is on crying over a person, and yet Adam (pbuh)’s crying was not even over a person, and yet still as a prophet he cried profusely!

What is perhaps even stranger is that sometimes these objectors claim that any form of crying, totally, is a ‘bid’at’, an innovation and thus unlawful, and at other times they argue that there is no objection in crying for oneself. But to cry for another living being is an unacceptable innovation! Please reflect on this argument, that it is complete trickery. All glory is to Allah! He was not unaware that such baseless arguments would be presented.

This group crying out, ‘innovation, innovation!’ was already in Allah’s sights, that is why He had already provided answers. Therefore in His Book, the Noble Quran, He had already presented arguments and examples of mourning being a legitimate act.