Crying in the Quran

If crying were wrong or an innovation, then Allah would have declared it as a flawed action. But instead, we find that crying is a commendable act. Let alone mankind crying, the Quran details the crying of the skies and the earth. How the skies and earth cry, only Allah knows. If the skies and earth do not cry, then why would Allah state in the Quran;

And the skies and the earth did not weep for them (Firawn and his people) nor were they given a respite. (Surah 44, ad-Dukhan verse 29).

Allah forbid this is not a poetic metaphor, this is Allah’s truthful word. This verse is testifying that on the death and destruction of the enemies of Allah, neither the skies nor the earth cries, because the enemies of Allah are from those rejected by Him and at a loss, not those preferred by Him. Therefore, it is clear that when Allah’s chosen saintly people leave this earth, then the skies and the earth cry for them.

Then what of those who were martyred in Allah’s path, thirsty and hungry for three days? Undoubtedly the skies and the earth both cry for them. If it were an innovation in faith to cry, then neither the sky nor the earth would cry. This proves that crying for the deceased is not an innovation, but on the contrary it is the manifest will of the Cherisher.

This also proves that crying is a manifestly natural human instinct. That is, mankind cries, the skies and earth cry, thus the ones calling this act an innovation are themselves innovators against the Quran. In the sight of the Lord of the Worlds, rather than being insignificant, the act of crying is one of the best of the commendable acts: the Quran itself testifies to this in the following words;

And they say, "Exalted is our Lord! Indeed, the promise of our Lord has been fulfilled." And they fall upon their faces weeping, and the Quran increases them in humble submission. (Surah 17, Bani Israil verses 108-109)

This proves that crying in the court of Allah increases humility and thus increases the approval and status of a believer’s deeds. If Allah did not approve of crying and considered it an innovation, he would indeed have reprimanded us for it. But instead, here we see that it is being approved of, which can only mean that it is highly liked by Allah.