Images and replicas of Resemblance

As far as making images of resemblance is concerned, such as replicas of shrines, or flags/ standards, this is also labelled as unlawful. Exalted Makkah and Illuminated Madinah’s pictures are printed in their thousands. Qurans are copied from one to the next. So how can it be considered improper to copy something and produce its replica image? What are our places of worship? All mosques are in fact replicas of the Kaaba, (the first house of worship). If making replicas is unlawful, then what should be done to all these houses of worship?

Just as these images and replicas resembling the Kaaba (that is, the mosques) are acceptable displays of faith and Islam, likewise replicas of Illuminated Madinah and Exalted Karbala are precisely about faith and Islam. If replicas of the latter are considered contrary to Islam, then how can the former be accepted? The image and replica of a good thing will be considered worthy of respect and the replica of a bad thing will naturally be shunned and treated with disdain.

During hajj, what is running between the mounts of Safa and Marwa and stoning the Shaytan’s stone images? Are the major and minor devils (Shaytan) actually present there? Or are they just signs, symbols?

As far as replica small scale models of Karbala are concerned, these represent Imam Hussain (pbuh)’s shrine at Karbala. The standards we reproduce are symbolic of the standard of the army of Truth in Karbala. It is obvious that the human hand produces these in the same way that the human hand produces places of worship. So just as the mosque made by our very own hands is worthy of respect so too these replica models of the shrine at Karbala and the standards of Imam Hussain’s army, are worthy of respect. This is simple acceptable logic.