Translator’s Note

In The Name Of Allahﷻ Most Merciful, Compassionate

Thanks to the All Mighty Lord and praise and blessings to the Prophet and his Pure Progeny peace be upon them and may the return of Imam Al-Mahdi(pbuh) Our Savior, be hastened in this troubled world, for surely, the time for his return is soon, although the enemy sees it as far.

Forgiveness is sought for any shortcomings in the translation of this work, firstly from the Merciful Allahﷻ, from the Prophet’ and from his Pure Progeny and from the author of the work.

This translation is, first and foremost, dedicated to Syeda Fatima Massooma, Peace and Blessings Upon Her. And my father and mother, whose unwavering support keeps me strong, as well as my brother and sister, and my wife for overviewing the translation.

After over a year of working slowly but surely, this translation has finally come to an end as the second translation of a series of booklets published by the author. His works are easy to understand and answer some complex questions in a simple manner, bringing to light to the youth the essence of faith in a bite sized format that’s easy to swallow.

We hope this translation reflects those efforts, and we ask for your prayers.

S.L. Al-Hakim
Tuesday, 24 October 2017