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Rays of the Sun, 83 Stories from the Life of Imam Khomeini (ra)

Stories from the personal and public life of the great scholar and leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran. Includes stories about Imam Khomeini's home life, his relationship with family members and with the public, his knowledge, his worship and his last days. Also includes an account of meeting Imam from the Western journalist Robin Woodsworth Carlsen.

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Partial translation from the original Farsi text, Seereye aftaab, Qum, Markaz Farhangi - Dabeerkhaane Makaatibe va Andeeshe, Daftar Nashre Ma'aarif, 1382. Translated by Abbas and Shaheen Merali , Qum, Iran, 2006 Published as an E-book by Ahlul Bayt DILP 2006 . Please contact us if you wish to publish this text in print format.