Imam and Knowledge of the Unseen

It is not advisable that I take this money from you

One of the events that I can 100% attest to is that during the time when the tyrannical government (of Iran) followed anyone who went to Najaf and to visit Imam, an Iranian businessman took a large sum of money with him to Najaf, to give Sehm-e-Imam money (half of the khums) to him.
The government were also aware that this person had taken a large sum of money with him and wanted to give Sehm-e-Imam.  The businessman reached the Imam and said: “This money is for Sehm-e-Imam and I have brought it from Iran to present it to you for use for the Islamic seminary.”  Imam did not accept it.  The businessman said: “Agha!  I have brought this money from far, it is Sehm-e-Imam and it is especially for you.”
Imam said: “It is not advisable for you that I take this money.  Go give it to one of the other marja and get a receipt from him as well.”  Basically, no matter how much the businessman insisted, he did not have an effect on the Imam and so he took the money to the house of another marja and got a receipt. 
On his way back, the businessman was arrested at the border and they said to him: “You went to Imam Khomeini in Najaf and also took a large sum of money with you there. We are aware of all your actions.”  Then they began the procedure to imprison him for at least a few years. 
The businessman in his reply said: “I have not given him even one Shahy (Iranian currency at that time).  I gave the money for Sehm-e-Imam to another person.”  He then took out the receipt from his pocket and showed it to them.
He saw such a day the likes of which Imam had told him at that time: “It is not advisable for you to give me this money.”  If he had given Imam the money and taken a receipt from him, he might have been in a corner of a prison until the last days of his life, and would definitely have been tortured.  This is yet another (demonstration) of Imam’s greatness.1 
Ayatullah Shahid Saduqi

Imam was aware of the affair:

In those days, getting money into Iraq was very difficult.  One of the scholars of Isfahan narrates:
I brought a sum of money to Sham, and from Sham I entered Baghdad.   However I saw at the airport that they (the Ba’thi police) were going around everywhere.  I became very agitated and upset.  To help me in this entanglement, I sought intercession from the 7th Imam, Imam Musa Kadhim (as).  I said: “Agha!  I have this sum of money and I am bringing it for your son.  Come to my rescue.”
During this time, one of the officials of the Iraqi government came near, called me, and let me leave.  When I entered Najaf, I went to the Imam.  I sat down and greeted him.  Imam smiled and said: “You had a problem at the airport and sought intercession from Imam Musa Kadhim (as).”  I understood that Imam was aware of the affair.2
Hujjatul Islam Sayyid Muhammed Sajjadi Isfahani

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