Imam and Youth


The importance of youth

It was at the end of the Iranian year 1367, the beginning of Sha’ban, that I went to see the Imam.  The Mafatih was in his hand and he wanted to read the specific supplications for the month of Sha’ban.  When I went to kiss his hand and get permission to leave, he said: “Whatever work you want to do, do it in your youth.  In old age, you will only sleep and moan.”1
Hujjatul Islam Masih Burujurdi (Imam’s grandson)

Service to the people in youth

Sometimes when we went to see the Imam, we asked him: “If it’s possible please give us advice.”  Usually Imam would give us this advice:
“As much as possible, serve the people in every way (and) perform all acts of worship in your youth.  Know the value of youth because once you reach my age, you will not be able to do any thing.  Like me who cannot do anything.”2
Imam Bahauddini az A’zaaye bayte

Youth and effort in Salaat-ul-Layl

In the days that I was with the Imam and had the opportunity of serving him, he never left Salaat-ul-Layl.  Those who were with him before, even those who were his peers and room mates, narrate that the Imam endeavoured in Salaat-ul-Layl from the beginning of his youth when he was busy in studies.3
Ayatullah Ghulamridha Ridhwani

Whilst you are young

In the year 1965, one night in the days that Imam had recently been dismissed from the hospital, I was sleeping next to the Imam.  He still had the state of a convalescent; despite all this he got up for Salaat-ul-Layl.  Whilst doing wudu, because he couldn’t perform masah (wiping) of the feet as it was difficult for him, he leant on my shoulder and said: “So-and-so.”  I said: “Yes.”  He said: “Worship Allah whilst you are young.  When you become old, you will not be able to, like me.”4
Hujjatul Islam Tawassuli

Have some recreation

When Imam would see that I was busy studying on holidays, he would say: “You will not get anywhere, because at the time of recreation, you must be at leisure.” 
He used to emphasize this to my son.  This narration is the promise of Imam himself, which in my presence he repeatedly told my son: “I did not substitute one hour of recreation for studies, nor one hour of studies for recreation.” 
He set aside time for specific things.  Imam advised my son to set aside time for recreation.  If you don’t have recreation, you cannot prepare yourself for studying.5
Zahra Mustafavi (Imam's granddaughter)

We arranged social meetings

Imam did not neglect social gatherings with friends, and considered a social gathering to be the source of a type of help and training of the mind and preparation of it.  One day, he himself said:
“During my youth, no Thursday or Friday would pass except that we would arrange social gatherings with friends. We would leave Qom and mostly head towards Jamkaran6.  When it snowed or rained, we busied ourselves with social programs in my room and when we would hear the sounds of the mu’adhin, all of us used to stand for prayers.7
Hujjatul Islam Ja’far Subhani

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