It can be concluded from this research that according to Islam, Muslim and non-Muslim, Iranian and non-Iranian, ancient and modern philosophers all over the world, whose viewpoints were investigated in this book, and all psychological researches stated in this research, spirituality and morality cause humans to reach happiness. In more concrete terms, they all believe that moral virtues, righteousness, wisdom and knowledge have a very definite and certain influence in leading human beings to happiness. The Qur’an and the Islamic traditions emphasizes the role of faith, righteous deeds, fearing of God and patience and endurance against hardships in leading man to feel happy.

Most of philosophers believe that these characteristics have a very high impact on man’s happiness. Therefore, we should come to know that it is impossible for us to achieve happiness unless we acquire such properties, i.e. other worldly and abject things can’t reach man to happiness, although some humans may mistake their superficial and sensory pleasures for original and stable happiness. It can also be deduced that one of the most important aims of man’s creation has been leading him to happiness. Thus, religion and philosophy have confirmed it as the goal of man’s creation, and have specified given methods for reaching humans to that goal. In other words, reaching happiness is possible for man but through particular ways and methods.

Happiness is movements in the which terminates to the purpose for which we have been created, that is man’s perfection which this in itself can cause happiness, and the happiness in turn is of the highest ranks of perfection and elevation.

There is a close relationship between knowledge, beauty, goodness and happiness. The more man reaches to knowledge beauty and goodness, the happier he will be and the happier he is, the more he will reach to knowledge, beauty, and goodness.

All the religion and philosophy can be summarized in knowledge, beauty and goodness. Thus, through a real religiosity in the real sense of the word, one can reach to happiness so, that kind of religiosity can reach men to happiness which is based on knowledge and philosophy.

There are some characteristics which whatever they increase, the happiness will be increased as well, such as moral virtues, goodness and righteousness, but there are some other things that whatever they increase, man’s happiness is not necessarily increased, such as money and wealth that possessing an average of them is sufficient.

It can also be deduced from this book that there is nothing more important in leading man to happiness than knowledge and cognition, because if there is a real knowledge in a person, there will be all the good characteristics such as religiosity, morality and spirituality in him as well, i.e. those factors which can definitely cause happiness.

Happiness is the best standard and Criteria in judgment about the individuals’ personalities and behaviors. That is, if a person has not yet attained happiness, his personality and behavior is not completely confirmable.

Unconfirmable grief and sorrows are the definite symptoms of spirit and soul illness, i.e. the person has serious problems in those factors which can cause happiness in him, that is, morel virtuous, religiosity, etc. Therefore, he or she soon tries to solve the problems and move on the desirable route.

We can see that happiness is not in searching for the external factors, rather it exists in the internal factors which are mostly in man’s ability to acquire them without paying a high price and cost.

When man reaches as position on which he is as he should be, and he behaves as it deserves, and he sees the universe as it is, he well be happy in such a status. So happiness is hidden in gaining a philosophical insight to the being and universe, and is obtained through nurturing different aspects of the individual’s personality and nature, and so it is quite consistent with man’s nature and personality, and it differs materially with artificial and superficial pleasures.

Making other people happy can cause us to be happy or our happiness to be increased, and it is of the signs of a person who has reached happiness that he wishes to make other people happy.

As we should consider the factors which can cause hum being’s happiness, we should also pay attention to those factors which can cause the peoples’ sorrows and grief and according to the viewpoints of religious text and philosophers, are: unbelief, sin, wrongdoing.

We should also know this fact that those who can reach happiness that want knowledge, morality, etc, because these things are respectful and important in themselves, not they want to use these thing to as tools for reaching fame, money, etc.

Most of philosophers also believe that: spiritual and intellectual pleasures are much higher than sensory pleasures, humans should live in such a manner that they can reach happiness, no pleasure is comparable to reaching God, human beings reach recognition of God when they are free from flaunting and seeking fame. Recognition of God is the highest happiness.

The final happiness for Humans in the hereafter through observing religious teachings, happiness is highest possible thing for human being; happiness is in the perfection of man’s speculative and practical powers. This is also all that the results of the most recent psychological researches about happiness show: the improvement of religious, moral and scientific attitude and behavior could have relationship with an increase in happiness or can cause an increase in it. Thus, it is up to all of people not to mistake happiness for superficial pleasures and not to seek happiness from worldly and material affaires. The people of the world should try to avoid differences by trying to seek and reach the real happiness which is the shared aim of all human beings.

Considering the religious and philosophical viewpoints, confirm this fact that knowledge, religiosity, morality and spirituality have a very important role in leading humans to happiness. Therefore, religious, moral and spiritual education, or education in general, play a crucial role in creating and increasing happiness in individuals and society.

Thus it is suggested, according to the results of this research, that much more attention to be paid to education if we want to have happier students and finally happier people, i.e. educational goals, teaching evaluation methods, educational contents, educational spaces, communications, etc. to be formulated in such a manner that increase the happiness in students and decrease grief and sorrow in society.

It is also suggested to the future researchers to investigate each of these issues, i.e. educational goals, teaching methods, evaluations, contents, spaces, etc. to what extent have had influence on increasing or decreasing happiness in students and it is also suggested to investigate about this fact that what educational things have impact on increasing and decreasing the students’ happiness, and have educational goals, contents, etc. be formulated so that the happiness of the students may be increased.