The Journey of Imam Husain (‘a) Leaving Medina

("Ghar Sejab Behre Safar Sayyid‑a Aalam Nikle")
When the Noble Prince left His home
His eyes were teary and His heart did mourn
As friends and sons followed behind
He cried out "Destiny, here I come."
"I've heard the cries of Zahra all night
The forsaken wilderness is in my sight"
Then towards the Prophet's tomb He glanced
He bowed His head in a respectful stance
Then approaching the tomb, He knelt and bowed
"Do I have Your permission to leave?" He asked
"Today I depart from this home and this land
Your grandson leaves this country's sands"
"Though mankind sleeps with peace in its homes
This peace is denied to me alone
The cry of my family breaks my heart
Where must we go with babes in our arms?"
"Neither jungle nor city can shelter me now
To send me to my grave, they've taken a vow'
"The enemy swords await my neck
On my friends and family havoc will wreck
You had warned my Mother of these days my Lord
She had cried and Her heart had filled with dread"
"But pray do not forget this forlorn Grandson
Who'll be beheaded under the blazing sun"
"In this heat, even birds stay close to their nests
it's the month of fasting, but leave I must
For danger lurks wherever I stop
My children or family can find no rest"
"My Lord, I've tired of living thus
Come, take me, hide me in Your grave's dust"
Inconsolable He wept at His Grandfather's tomb
The tomb did tremble and darkness loomed
Then the voice of the Prophet filled the air
"My noble son, your foes are doomed"
"Forgetting how much I hold you close
They seek to kill you, your wretched foes"
"My patient, my noble, my pious Grandson
My virtuous, my truthful, my brave Grandson
Woe to the people who forsake You now
My honor, my pride, my dearest Grandson"
"I'll be Your company, forever and now
Abandoning my tomb with You I will go"
Heartened, the Grandson rose and bowed
And His noble sister cried out loud
"Let us go my Brother to our Mother's grave
To bid farewell and kiss the shroud"
"Why must I weep here in the palanquin?
With strangers around and in this din?"
So He led His family to Zahra's grave
And Zainab alighted at a somber pace
And they bowed and kissed their mother's tomb
And around Him He felt His Mother's embrace
And He heard His Mother weep at His plight
"O Mother," He cried, "Bid me farewell tonight"
"Not yet," She cried,,, I must see Abbas,,
"Then I will bid you farewell soon alas!
He's born of another, but my son no less"
Hearing this Husain called "Hither Abbas"
"Do not proceed we leave not yet
My mother summons you to her grave instead"
Hearing this Abbas slowed his horse's pace
And came and knelt at the foot of the grave
And Zahra cried "My beloved son"
"I leave Husain's safety up to you beware!"
"You are a friend to Husain in these lonely times
Farewell, protect him from his enemies' designs"